WWE Elimination Chamber 2023: Edge & Beth Pheonix Defeat The Judgment Day

Edge and Beth Pheonix try to get revenge over Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 in a mixed tag team match.


Edge has been feuding with Judgment Day ever since Finn Balor joined the faction and kicked Edge out of it. Edge swore to destroy the faction which ultimately led to him facing Balor in an “I Quit” match at WWE Extreme Rules 2022.  However, the numbers were on the side of Judgment Day and the latter decided to target Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix who came to help his husband.

Rhea Ripley threatened Edge to hit phoenix with a con-chair-to, and the WWE Hall of Famer said I Quit. However, Ripley hit Beth with the chair anyway. Beth Phoenix then returned at WWE Royal Rumble and speared Rhea Ripley. She speared Rhea again the following week on Raw, and the Rated R couple challenged Balor and Rhea for a mixed tag team match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023. 

Live Updates

Edge and inn Balor starts thing off for their respective teams. Edge takes control of the match before he tags Beth Phoenix. Beth too attacks Finn before Ripley enters the ring. Both of them hits each other with several clotheslines but none of them is ready to fall.

Dominik tells something to Rhea and then she comes and locks hands with Beth Phoenix. Rhea goes for the riptide, but Beth counters it and sends her outside the ring. Dom tries to distract Beth, but the latter scares her off before sending Rhea to the steel steps. 

Fin Balor distracts the official, and Dom attacks Beth who is on the top rope. Edge goes after Dom and chases her till the end of the ramp. Dom escapes, but then he comes back again. Meanwhile, in the ring, Rhea is in control of the match. Beth tries to fight back and knocks Finn Balor out of the apron before hitting Rhea with a DDT. 

She is about to tag Edge, but Finn comes out of the ring and knocks Edge out of the apron. Rhea tries to go for another riptide but fails. Beth tries to go for the glamazon but fails as well. Rhea is on the top rope, Beth joins her, and hits Rhea with the superplex. 

Finn tries to interfere, but the ref stops him. Beth finally makes the tag, and now Edge is inside the ring and in control. Edge locks edgecutor to Finn Balor, Rhea tries to interfere but Beth hits her with a spear before locking edgecutor to her as well. Dominiki distracts the ref and slips brass knuckles to Rhea who hits Edge. 

Finn tries to cover but Edge kicks out. Balor goes for the Coup de Grace, but Beth throws Dominik and makes Finn slip on the top rope. Both Edge and Finn are on the top rope when Rhea and Beth come and powerbomb Edge and Finn respectively. 

Outside the ring, Rhea tries to hit Beth with a con chair to on the steel steps but the latter escapes and hits Rhea with the glam slam on the floors. Edge takes out Dominik with a suicide dive before hitting Finn with the spear. The grip couple hits Finn with the shatter machine before Edge covers him for the pinfall. 

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