WWE WrestleMania 39: Lynch, Trish, & Lita Defeat Damage CTRL in an Action-Filled Match

Becky Lynch, Trish Stratus, and Lita defeated Damage CTRL in an action-filled six-woman tag team match at WWE WrestleMania 39.


Becky Lynch has been feuding with Bayler and Damage CTRL for quite a while. The two decided to settle the score in a steel cage match, but Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai interfered. As a result, Lita came out and helped Becky Lynch win that match. The following week, Lita & Becky Lynch challenged Damage CTRL for WWE Women tag team titles.

During the tag team title match, Trish Stratus made her way to the ring and prevented Bayley from interfering in the match. As a result, Lita & Lynch became the new champions. The following week, these six women confronted each other on RAW, where Bayler tried to insult Trish. WWE Hall of Famer suggested that why not she and the new champions get some stratusfaction and challenged Damage CTRL for a six-women tag team match.

Live Updates

Damage CTRL (Bayley, Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai) is the first one to make the entrance. Lita makes her entrance in a black-and-white tone. She is followed by Trish Stratus & Becky Lynch and the tone remains the same. 

All six women stare at each other in the ring, and the trio of Lita, Trish & Becky takes out Damage CTRL before the match officially begins. Dakota Kai enters the ring and hits Becky and the bell rings. She tags Iyo Sky and the latter dominates Becky as well. She even hits Becky with a drop kick over the top rope to send her across the ring. 

Sky tags Dakota and Damage CTRL triple-teamed on Becky. Bayley gets the tag and she comes in and mocks Lita. Becky finally sends Bayley out of the ring, but Dakota manages to make a tag. Meanwhile, Bayley takes out Trish Stratus from the outside. 

After some struggle, Becky Lynch finally manages to tag Lita who gets control of the match over Iyo Sky. Lita comes with a unique offense and drops Iyo. She climbs to the second rope, but Dakota interferes and Damage CTRL manages to get control again. 

Bayley is tagged in again, and Damage CTRL now hits Lita with a triple-kick. Now, Damage CTRL is playing with Lita as they frequently tag each other. Sky & Bayley tries to double-team against Lita but the latter counters with a double DDT. Lita finally tags Trish Stratus who takes control of the match by dominating Damage CTRL. She hits Dakota Kai with a neck breaker for a near fall. 

Dakota Kai catches Trish from the second rope and blocks her move. Outside the ring, Bayley & Kai pulls Trish, but Becky & Trish take care of them. They lift Trish to wrap her legs around Dakota and she throws her on Sky & Bayley. 

Now, a back-and-forth action inside the ring, and Becky eventually puts Dakota into disarm-ger, but Bayley manages to make the save. Bayley goes for the rose plant but Becky counters with a back slam. Kai interferes and Bayley finally hits the rose plant, but Lita breaks the pin. 

Trish Stratus hits Dakota with a stratusfaction. Bayley hits her with belly-to-belly. Becky rolls up Bayley for two counts. Everyone gets outside the ring and Iyo Sky takes them out with a moonsault. The referee starts the count, and all six of them enter at 9. 

All six women now enter the ring and chaos breaks out. Lita hits Dakota with a twist of fate before hitting moonsault on both Kai & Sky. Meanwhile, Bayley tries to hit belly to belly from the second rope, but Becky counters it with the manhandle slam to get the pinfall. 

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