Undertaker: Roman Reigns Should Have Broken WrestleMania Streak

Roman Reigns vs Undertaker Wreslemania 33
Roman Reigns vs Undertaker Wreslemania 33

The Undertaker appeared for an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Trania recently where he said a younger guy like Roman Reigns would have benefitted more by beating his at WrestleMania for the first time.

Undertaker opened up about how the backstage discussions about his WrestleMania streak ending in 2014 against Brock Lesnar went on.

“I don’t think Brock needed that victory. Brock was huge. Brock was just coming back from UFC and he’s an attraction all to himself. And whether he loses to The Undertaker isn’t gonna hurt his stock one bit. He’s still gonna be the Beast Incarnate.”

The Undertaker on Brock Lesnar ending his WrestleMania Streak

The Phenom then added, “It would’ve done much more for Roman Reigns than it would’ve for Brock Lesnar. Roman Reigns would’ve made a lot more sense for me than Brock.”

Roman Reigns did manage to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. But it was three years later at WrestleMania 33 in 2017 which turned out to be the biggest win of his WWE career.

WrestleMania Streak Decision Changed on WrestleMania 30

Undertaker was asked whether he tried to change Vince McMahon’s decision. To which the Deadman revealed how the finish got changed on the day.

“Through the course of my 30 years, I’ve had several conversations with Vince and not agreeing with a direction we were moving in or a finish. I’d go into his office and we’d discuss it and go back and forth, back and forth, and finally, it’s like ‘ok, we’ll do it your way.’

Could I have probably changed the finish? Maybe. I think probably I could’ve. It had gone back and forth several times. The day of WrestleMania when I showed up, I was going over. The finish got changed during the day.”

How Undertaker Heard First Time About WrestleMania Streak Ending!

Undertaker then revealed how the discussion went about ending his WrestleMania Streak on the day of WrestleMania 30.

“I remember clear as day, I was sitting in the dressing room by myself. Vince comes walking in. Vince never comes into the dressing rooms. Usually, you get summoned to his office. As soon as I [have] seen him come in the dressing room, I knew exactly what he was coming in for. He gave me his spiel. I said, ‘Are you sure? Cause once we do this, we can’t go back. Once the streak’s broken, it’s broke.’

“So I just had a few questions that made him think for a second and he was like, ‘Yeah, this is what I want to do’ and I said, ‘O.K., that’s what we’ll do then.'”

During an earlier interview with Sony India, Deadman revealed the nature of their relationship. He revealed how grateful he has been to Vince McMahon for providing an opportunity to him after his WCW contract came to an end.

He also revealed how close they are outside the wrestling world saying, “We call each other to see how just the other is doing and if you are in person he is the person I want to see first.” You can here read the full interview here of the Undertaker.