Triple H Praises NXT, Adam Cole & Keith Lee on WWE Backstage

NXT Invades SmackDown 1 November 2019
Triple H with NXT Champions Adam Cole and Shayna Baszler at SmackDown 1 November 2019 episode

Triple H appeared on last night’s WWE Backstage to talk about NXT’s triumph at Survivor Series 2019 and their big even in NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019 and had special praise for Adam Cole and Keith Lee.

Hunter said that Adam Cole facing and beating Daniel Bryan at SmackDown that night, started the path of NXT having probably the most monumental month, and the excitement level that NXT injected in both RAW and SmackDown just added whole another level and layer to those shows.

Hunter also said, “Now NXT is considered equivalent to RAW and SmackDown as the third brand. Earlier it was talked about as the step below but now it is proven that it is right there with RAW and SmackDown.” Triple H praised the stamina of NXT Superstars and felt like Cole was at the top of that list. “You can say Adam Cole is the Ironman of NXT,” Triple H said.

NXT Champion Adam Cole had an incredible November month starting with 1 November episode of SmackDown where he defended his title against Daniel Bryan. He would face Seth Rollins two days later at RAW and appeared at RAW and SmackDown throughout the month. Later, he would be part of a Ladder match at NXT before going through WarGames on Saturday and then retained his title against Pete Dunne on Sunday at Survivor Series.

Hunter was also felt so happy for the “big moment” for Keith Lee when Roman Reigns gave him props at Survivor Series. Calling him a once in a lifetime talent, Hunter mentioned how can do all the athletic moves as well as some incredible feat of strengths. He also praised how Lee was able to get the respect from the crowd at Survivor Series after coming out of WarGames just the previous night.

Hunter also discussed Dakota Kai’s heel turn on her friend, Tegan Nox and said that it was “well-executed” and legit shocked the live crowd, which is tougher to do these days.

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