Randy Orton Teases Another Match for WrestleMania 36

Randy Orton vs John Cena Wrestlemania 36 2020
Randy Orton vs John Cena Wrestlemania 36 2020

Randy Orton has continued to play with the fans over social media as he has now teased John Cena for WrestleMania 36 on 5 April 2020.

If you remember, Randy Orton was at hand to challenge the Rock for the Wrestlemania 36 match before his appearance at SmackDown’s Fox premiere episode. This got some fans excited but it all turned to be in vain. Orton continued to tease the Rock for a couple of more days but got a definite no as an answer from him.

Now, when he was on the plane to the UK for WWE’s European tour, Randy Orton noticed a former rival on the cover of a magazine. On the cover was Orton’s long-time in-ring rival John Cena and he was asking “If you are up for a Challenge.” So, Orton decided to play with the fans some more and went on to challenge John Cena for the match at WrestleMania 36.


Orton and Cena probably had the most singles matches in the recent history of WWE. But they have never come face to face on WrestleMania apart from a triple threat match at WrestleMania 24. Orton re-signed with WWE until 2024. So, while the match against Cena does not feasible this year, Orton still has a few tries left.

Meanwhile, we will keep updating how Orton’s opponent search for WrestleMania 36 goes on.

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