NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver 2021 Night 1- Live Results

NXT TakeOver Stand & Deliver 2021 Results

Hello and welcome to NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver 2021 Night 1 live results and updates page. 3 title matches, 1 Gauntlet match for #1 contender for North American Championship, one singles match and a pre-show match will all take place on the show. The main event match will be the NXT Women’s Championship match between Io Shirai & Raquel Gonzalez.

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver 2021 Night 1 Quick Results

  • Zoey Stark defeated Toni Storm(Pre-show)
  • Pete Dunne defeated Kushida
  • Bronson Reed defeated Leon Ruff, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Cameroon Grimes, Dexter Lumis and LA Knight in the 6 Men Gauntlet Match to become the #1 Contender for NXT North American Championship
  • WALTER(c) defeated Tommaso Ciampa to retain the NXT UK Championship
  • MSK defeated Grizzled Young Veterans and Legado Del Fantasma in a Triple Threat Match to win NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Raquel Gonzalez defeated Io Shirai(c) to become the new NXT Women’s Championship(Main Event)

Check here for the complete match card & storylines from the show.

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver 2021 Night 1 Pre-Show

The pre-show will be live at 7 PM EST and will be available for free in the above Youtube video. We will also add important updates from the pre-show here.

The pre-show starts with Sam Roberts former MMA fighter and ESPN personality Jimmy Smith. Footage of NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez coming into the arena earlier today. They will be in the main roster. We get the video package for NXT UK Championship match. Samoa Joe sits down with both competitors – champion WALTER & challenger Tommaso Ciampa for a brief interviews.

Ciampa says he’s in the best shape physically and mentally he’s ever been. He knows the match with WALTER will be physical but he likes that. WALTER says his reign looks nice on paper but he has to catch up on the 6 month hiatus from last year. He also says Ciampa is now more worried about his health and has become kind of soft.

LA Knight is backstage and claims he will win the Gauntlet Eliminator and North American title. The panel discuss Pete Dunne vs Kushida briefly.

Toni Storm vs Zoey Stark

Mickie James is on commentary with Vic Joseph for this match. Toni Storm is the first one to come out. Zoey comes out next. They lock up and come to a stalemate quickly. Zoey takes Toni down from the waist. She puts on the headlock and takes down Toni with a Judo throw as she gets to her feet. Toni turns the headlock around. Zoey turns it into an armbar. Storm with a shoulder tackle. Stark hits a big elbow and a missile dropkick from the springboard.

Toni slams her to the mat and unloads angrily. Toni roughs her up and gets a two-count. Zoey gets back to her feet but gets slammed back. Toni hits a snap suplex for another two-count. Toni is looking angry. Zoey stops the single-leg Boston Crab. They trade big forearm strikes. Storm is still in control as she hits a few uppercuts. Zoey comes back with chops and kicks to the midsection. Storm with double leg takedown. Storm goes to the top but Zoey cuts her off and hits a superplex. Both women are down.

Stark with some kicks to the face. She misses one of them but counters the German suplex to hit a dropkick for a near fall. Storm hoists her up and plants her into an inverted powerbomb to get a near fall. Toni with a couple of German suplexes. She goes for the Storm Zero but Stark gets her into a cradle to get the pin.

Winner – Zoey Stark

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with MSK now who say they are ready to capture the vacant NXT Tag Team Titles. Mickie James joins the panel to discuss the main event Women’s Championship match. Samoa Joe gets the interview from both Raquel and Io Shirai. The pre-show comes to an end with the panel going through tonight’s card.

NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver 2021 Night 1 Main Show

The main show opens with Nita Straus playing the US National Anthem on her guitar. Some lightning effects in the arena as the show is announced to start. The commentary team welcomes us.

Pete Dunne vs Kushida

Pete Dunne is first star to come on the main show. Kushida comes out next. Dunne jumps at Kushida as he looks for a quick start. But Kushida was ready and tries to go for the hoverboard. They come to stalemate. They counter each other’s submission. Dunne drops him on the apron. He hyper extends his arms next. Dunne stomps at Kushida’s head after another submission manuever.

Dunne with a big kick and a chop. Kushida returns with strikes of his own. Kushida misses the moonsault but ends up hitting a springboard back elbow and running kick on the ramp. Back to the ring, Dunne gets arm locked but Kushida turns it around. They run the ropes before Dunne catches on the arm. Kushida gets him in a cradle for a near fall. We go to a break as Kushida takes him down.

Kushida with a big kick and brings down Dunne in the cross arm-breaker. Dunne quickly counters and they go back and forth for a while. Dunne with a big headbutt. Kushida hits a kick at Dunne’s arm and a dropkick. Kushida with another big kick at the arm as Dunne goes to the top. Kushida hits a hammerlock suplex before putting on the hoverboard lock. Dunne gets his leg on the ropes to force the break.

Kushida hits a knee drop on Dunne’s arm. Kushida with an arm lock now. Dunne turns it into a pin attempt. Dunne breaks the fingers. He stomps on the hand. Kushida goes for the big punch but his hand is hurt. Dunne hits his finisher to get the win.

Winner – Pete Dunne

6 Man Gauntlet Match for #1 Contender for NXT North American Championship

Leon Ruff vs Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs Bronson Reed vs Cameroon Grimes vs Dexter Lumis vs LA Knight. Leon Ruff and Scott will start.

They start brawling before the bell. They get to the ring and the bell rings. Leon Ruff sends Swerve out where Swerve drops him on the barricade and hits a dropkick. Ruff drops Scott on the announce table. Back to the ring, Scott uses the ropes to hurt him. Ruff counters a powerbomb into a sunset flip from the top.

Bronson Reed enters the match. Ruff goes to take him out with a crossbody but gets caught and is thrown away. Reed enters the ring and beats up Scott. He gets him in a vertical suplex and Ruff hits a crossbody on Scott from there. Reed drops in Ruff a couple of times. Ruff avoids the sideslam as Scott comes in. Reed ends up hitting the double German suplex on both men.

Cameroon Grimes enters the match. Reed was ready for him but Scott chop blocks him. Grimes hits a moonsault on Reed to start. He gives a bunch of cash to start working together. They join to beat Ruff. Ruff hits a big boot on Scott and avoids Grimes in the corner to send him into the turnbuckle. Scott catches Ruff and drops him into the corner. Reed comes back but is quickly sent out.

Scott with a big clothesline. Ruff sends Grimes into Scott as Dexter Lumis enters. As Lumis makes his entrance, Ruff gets dropped by Grimes and Scott pins him to eliminate Ruff. Lumis hits a DDT on Reed at the ramp before entering the ring. Lumis hits rope-assisted suplexes on both Scott and Grimes. Reed gets into the ring to face off with Lumis. They slug it out. Lumis throws Reed out of the ring. His clothesline on Grimes takes both of them to the floor.

LA Knight enters the match. Knight takes the mic and runs his mouth and mocks everyone in the match. Reed has had enough of it and throws him into the ring. Knight is trying to talk himself out of an attack as we go to a break.

Reed is taken down as we return. Knight hits a superplex to Scott now. Lumis gets into the ring. Grimes tries to take out Lumis from behind but he ducks and Knight eats Grimes’ attack. Lumis gets Grimes in the Silence. Knight gets him in the jackknife cover to get the pin and eliminate Lumis.

Scott decks Knight with a flying knee. Grimes drops Knight and then Reed hits a senton on Knight. Reed pins Knight to eliminate him. Reed, Grimes and Scott trade strikes with each other in a circle. Grimes superkicks Reed. Scott hits a flatliner on Grimes and Reed falls on Grimes as all three are down. More back and forth between them. Grimes hits his finisher on Reed. Scott attacks him and Grimes rolls him up. Scott reverses it and holds onto the tights to pin Grimes.

Reed and Scott slug it out. Scott hits a dropkick as Reed was on the top which gives him the chance to drop Reed onto the apron. Back to the ring, Scott hits a frog splash to get a near fall. Scott with a big dropkick as Reed hypes up. Scott hits more dropkicks only to get a near fall. Reed with a big chop, a powerbomb, a Meltzer driver, and the splash from the top to get the pin.

Winner – Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed will now face NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano tomorrow night. Gargano comes out to the stage as Reed celebrate in the ring.

WALTER(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa – NXT UK Championship

Tommaso Ciampa enters first and shows the bracelet that his daughter gave him. WALTER makes his entrance. We get the announcements done and they are ready to go.

Ciampa is back in trunks after a long time. WALTER takes him to the corner but misses a chop. Ciampa twists the arm but WALTER takes him to corner to counter. WALTER with a shoulder tackle. Ciampa with big strikes in the corner as he hypes up. He runs the rope and WALTER chops him out. WALTER with another big chop and Ciampa drops to the outside. Ciampa with a big back elbow as WALTER reaches him on the floor.

They both hit big strikes on the floor. WALTER misses a big chop which breaks the top of the announce table. WALTER drops Ciampa on the apron. Back to the ring, WALTER with more chops in the corner. Ciampa gets his elbow up on the chop and WALTER’s hand is hurt. Ciampa works on his hand for a while. WALTER hits a big boot to get the control back.

WALTER goes for a submission move but his hand is not effective. Ciampa gets to his feet but runs into another big boot. Ciampa goes to the floor for a breather. WALTER hits a suplex after picking him from the apron. WALTER kicks at Ciampa and asks him to get up. Ciampa with a chop but WALTER hits a big knee and a big elbow strike.

The crowd gets behind Ciampa now. Ciampa with clotheslines as he tries to bring him down. Ciampa hits a big crossbody as we go to a break. We return to see Ciampa in control. He has hit White Noise on WALTER during the break. Ciampa goes for the fairytale ending but WALTER gets him in a pin position. Ciampa ends up hitting the fairytale ending but WALTER kicks out. WALTER hits the German suplex and a big lariat to get a near fall.

Ciampa counters the powerbomb. WALTER hits a clothesline before Ciampa gets him in a submission move. WALTER gets his leg on the ropes to force break. Ciampa unloads on WALTER and he has to go to the floor for a breather. WALTER comes back and hits some big shot on Ciampa. He goes to the top now and Ciampa ends up hitting the avalanche White Noise on him. Ciampa covers but WALTER kicks out somehow.

Ciampa hits big chops as WALTER hypes up. WALTER comes back with a big chop with his left hand. They trade chops before WALTER hits back-to-back powerbomb. He tries to use his weight in the pin but Ciampa kicks out. WALTER with a German suplex and a big lariat to get the pin now.

Winner – WALTER(retains NXT UK Championship)

After the match, WALTER gets up and join Imperium at the stage for their signature pose.

MSK vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Legado Del Fantasma – Triple Threat Match for NXT Tag Team Championship

Details to be added

Winner- MSK(new NXT Tag Team Champions)

Io Shirai(c) vs Raquel Gonzalez – NXT Women’s Championship

Io charges right after the bell but Raquel catches her. Raquel runs her over with a big boot. Gonzalez overpowers and unloads on Shirai in the corner now as Kai cheers her on and fans rally for Shirai. Shirai charges for a big hurricanrana but Gonzalez overpowers. Shirai kicks free. Shirai kicks from the apron after Gonzalez misses in the corner again. Shirai goes to the top and nails a big hurricanrana to send Gonzalez flying.

Shirai hits a crossbody in the corner. She continue to barge with chops and knees in the corner. Raquel powers out but Shirai manages to send her out and takes her out with a suicide dive. Dakota Kai stops Io from gettin to the top. The referee boots her from the ringside. Io kicks away Raquel. Raquel cuts her off and scoops her to send her into the ring post.

Back to the ring, Raquel drops Io in the middle of the ring to get a two-count. Io runs into a big elbow. Raquel drops her on the ropes now for another two-count. Io lands on her feet as Raquel attempts a suplex. Io with kicks but Raquel chops her to the mat. Raquel with a submission move. Shirai ducks punches and takes down Raquel with a sunset flip.

Shirai with an armdrag, 619 and a missile dropkick. Shirai hits the sunset flip into a pin attempt. Shirai goes to the top but Raquel picks her up for the chokeslam. Shirai turns it into a cross face submission. Raquel drags herself to the ropes for the break. Raquel goes to the ramp and Shirai hits a moonsault there. Shirai gets back to the ring to break the referee’s count. Shirai taunts Raquel before hitting the running knees.

Raquel is down on the floor as the referee check on her. Shirai has got on top of the skull on the stage and hits a crossbody from there. The commentary team says that skull was 20 feet tall from where Shirai jumped. Both women are down as we multiple replays of that move from different angles.

Shirai takes Raquel back to the ring and hits another moonsault from the top. She covers but Raquel kicks out. Shirai has her face in her hands as Raquel is on the floor. Shirai charges but Raquel slams her into the floor with the one-handed powerbomb a couple of times. Back to the ring, Shirai hits butterfly uppercut but Raquel drops her right away with a big lariat. Raquel hits another one-handed powerbomb and gets the pin.

Winner – Raquel Gonzalez(new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion)

After the match, Raquel starts celebrating in the ring as pyro goes off. Gonzalez heads to the stage now with the title in the air. Some boos can be heard. Shirai sits up in the ring and looks at Gonzalez celebrating on the stage. The show goes off the air.