Nick Aldis Reveals His Role In NWA-Fite TV Deal

NWA Fite TV Deal

NWA has recently signed a streaming deal with Fite TV which will NWA Power and NWA PPVs being aired exclusively via the combat sports streaming platform.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis joined Busted Open Podcast and revealed NWA had an offer from some other streaming platform also. Aldis, who has been working with Fite TV during last year, suggested Billy Corgan(NWA Owner) to see fi Fite TV is also interested.

What happened was- there was some interest and an offer from another streaming platform. I was made aware of it by Billy(Corgan). I was aware of Fite’s growth that they had in the last year. They are one of the companies that have been able to benefit from the limitations brought on us by COVID because so many sports and live events, who could not sell tickets, pivoted to pay per view. Fite have had a monster year. And I got to take part in a round table ahead of the Mike Tyson fight. I was privy to how much revenue that fight generated. And it was just one of those things that where I kind of went- if I am Fite TV and they have had all this revenue, I might be looking to add some more stuff to our portfolio. So, I just threw it out there and said to Billy- you know maybe you want to give it a chance to weigh in on this and see if they are interested. And a few days goes by, the next thing I know Billy is like we are going to Fite. They made a great offer and we are going with them.

Aldis also pointed out that it is a new frontier for Fite to get complete streaming rights for some promotions instead of just PPVs. He also thinks that Fite’s 4 million subscribers can help NWA carry on with the momentum that they generated before the pandemic.

NWA will air ‘Back from the Attack’ PPV on 21 March 2021 as the first event under the deal with Fite TV. Keep following this space for the latest updates on NWA & Back from The Attack PPV.

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