Matt Riddle & Killian Dain Got in A Brawl at TakeOver Toronto

Matt Riddle appeared at NXT Takeover: Toronto II 2019 last night to call out Killian Dain which lead to a brawl between the two NXT Superstars.

Matt Riddle Killian Dane Brawl NXT Takeover Toronto 2019
Matt Riddle and Killian Dain Brawled at NXT Takeover Toronto 2019

Killian Dain made a surprise return to NXT last month and attacked Matt Riddle after his match. This has started a feud between those two and a match was fixed between them for NXT last week. However, Dain once again blindsided Riddle as he attacked him prior to the match. As Dain incapacitated Riddle with a senton on the steel steps, the match could never happen.

After being part of matches at last 4 Takeover shows, Matt Riddle was surprisingly absent from NXT TakeOver: Toronto 2019. However, he chose the show to call out Dain to come and face him in the ring. Dain also did not waste the opportunity to feature at TakeOver show and ran through the crowd to confront Riddle once more.

The resultant brawl ensued with both men using punches and forearm in an attempt to get the upper hand. Their brawl went all around the arena as security and officials tried to break them up. Stomps, Crossbody, sleeper holds and other moves were used but there was no clear winner. Then, Riddle went on to a spree when he took down many of the security men with kicks, GTS and other moves.

As Riddle tried to use a Sleeper Hold to control Dain, Dain grabbed him in a death valley driver position and crashed into the table set up near the entrance ramp with one security personal. You can check the clip of the brawl below.