Highlights: WWE Series Survivor 2022 Post-Show Press Conference

WWE hosted a post-show press conference from WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022 event. Here are the live highlights from the conference.

  • Sami Zayn says the finish of Men’s WarGames match has ended any speculations around him and shown that he has accepted the Bloodline and The Bloodline has accepted him.
  • Sami says he always knew he can be in the main event and tonight he was in the main event with the biggest stars and hottest act.
  • Paul Heyman says none of them in the Bloodline were ready for the dynamics Sami Zayn brought in. Sami’s part in the storyline has been like someone being called in for a guest part in a TV series and becoming a regular.
  • Sami says the storyline with Kevin Owens is emotional because they are actually best friends in real life and what they were doing was not just acting. This match is more emotional for him than their match at Battleground 2016.
  • Sami says The Bloodline is a unit and everyone is so important to the group. Other than Roman Reigns, everyone is in the same ranking order.
  • Paul Heyman says Sami was not disloyal to Owens as Owens chose to compete for the opposite team, but Sami showed his loyalty for The Bloodline.
  • Becky Lynch says she was happy with her overall performance and she always try to return with better performance.
  • Becky reveals that Bianca called her when she was in Ireland and sent in a jet to bring her back in time for SmackDown. Becky says Bianca has become a good friend.
  • Bianca Belair is asked about her match at WrestleMania and says she has two choices. First is Rhea Ripley as their career has been parallel. The second choice is Charlotte Flair as it would complete a win over Four Horsewomen.
  • Bianca says she wants to win at WrestleMania on the second night. Becky says she would like to win Royal Rumble twice.
  • Paul Levesque(Triple H) says this is the highest gate they have done in Boston, the highest gates for Survivor Series ever and this is the most watched Survivor Series event in WWE history.
  • Triple H says Austin Theory’s career was dead two weeks back but it is resurrected now. If only he could now walk on the water now.
  • Triple H says they are not yet decided on whether WarGames will become a fixture, but tonight was very successful.
  • Triple H says Hell in a Cell match is for a giant blow-off match. He says he has heard fans complain about Money in the Bank, Eliminator Chamber, Hell in a Cell and other speciality matches, and they are evaluating what to do with them.
  • Triple H says 5-on-5 Survivor Series matches could still come back. He adds that RAW vs SmackDown concept got a bit stale, but they can always bring it back.
  • Triple H says he is ready to hold events anywhere in the world be it Australia, Japan, Latin America or anywhere else.

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