WWE Survivor Series 2022: Rollins vs Lashley vs Theory Result

Seth Rollins vs Austin Theory vs Bobby Lashley WWE Survivor series

Seth Rollins will defend WWE United States Championship against Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley at Survivor Series WarGames 2022 event.

On the November 7 episode of RAW, Seth Rollins hosted an open challenge for the United States title which was answered by the previous champion Bobby Lashley. The match never started as Lashley attacked Rollins prior to the bell. After this attack, Austin Theory came running to the ring and tried to cash in his MITB contract for the US title. However, Lashley returned and attacked Theory too. As a result, Rollins managed to retain his US title.

The following week, Theory attacked Rollins. Lashley also stated that he would continue to target Rollins until he wins the US title back. Therefore, WWE announced that Seth Rollins would defend his United States Championship against Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory in a singles match. Will he be able to hold onto the title?

Live Updates

It is time for the triple-threat match for the United States title. Bobby Lashley was the first one to make his entrance followed by Austin Theory and Seth Rollins respectively. 

Lashley sends Theory outside the ring as soon as the match begins. Theory tries to enter the ring but now Rollins sends him outside. Lashley and Rollins begin to fight and Lashley overpowers Rollins and sends him to the corner. He tries to hit the suplex but Rollins counters it and hits Lashley with the chops.

Rollins is on the apron, Theory drops him then and there before sending him into the barricade. 

Theory stares back at Bobby Lashley and then enters the ring to fight him. However, Lashley overpowers Theory and then hits him with the vertical suplex. Lashley sends Theory and Rollins to the different corners and hits them with the corner splashes. Lashley hits a spinebuster and covers for the pin but Theory pulls the official outside the ring. 

Austin Theory picks up the steel steps and then hits Lashley and Rollins with it. He picks the steps again and hits Lashley with the second blow. Theory takes Rollins inside the ring, hit him with the dropkick, and attempts a pinfall. Theory is now in control of the match. He goes outside to slams Lashley face on to the announce table before driving him into the barricade. 

Theory comes back to the ring, but he is rolled up by Rollins. Austin starts to trash talk, and it makes Rollins very angry. Rollins hits Theory with several chops before the sling blade. Rollins then starts using suicide dives to take out Lashley and Theory one by one on the opposite side of the rings. Austin enters the ring and then Rollins sends him outside near Lashley before hitting both of them with another dive. 

The fight gets back inside the ring, and Rollins hits Theory with a sitout powerbomb for a nearfall. Lashley puts Seth in a Hurt Lock and then Theory comes and puts Lashley into the sleeper hold. Lashley drops Austin to the corner, and then Rollins hits Lashley with the pedigree for a nearfall. 

Rollins gets to the top but Theory throws him away. Theory hits Lashley with a rollout blockbuster and then tries to hit his signature but Lashley counters it with the Hurt Lock. Theory rolls over and gets into the pinning position but Rollins breaks the pin with a frog splash. 

Austin and Rollins are trading strikes but then Lashley catches both of them into the Hurt Lock. They finally come out of it by driving Lashley to the corner. Lashly goes for the spear, but Theory avoids it and he hits the turnbuckle. 

Rollins hits a superplex to Theory from the top rope and is about to hit the Falcon Arrow, but Lashley hits Rollins with the spear. Theory puts his arm on Rollins to cover him and gets the pinfall. 

Austin Theory is the new United States Champion. 

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