Buddy Murphy Picks Fight with Aleister Black

Aleister Black Buddy Murphy
Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy starts a feud at WWE RAW

Buddy Murphy has become the latest WWE Superstar to have picked a fight with Aleister Black on WWE RAW this week.

This week at RAW, Aleister Black cut another one of his promos where he asked someone from the RAW roster to pick a fight with him. Later in the show, Buddy Murphy was shown knocking on Black’s door, telling him that he is ready for a fight. After waiting for a few seconds, Murphy left for his match against Akira Tozawa. As soon as he left, Aleister Black rushed to the door but did not find anyone.

Buddy Murphy worked a short match against Akira Tozawa and got the win after hitting Murphy’s law. When he returned to backstage, Murphy once again knocked at Black’s door. This time Black answered and ended up having a staredown with Murphy. But before they could get into action, the camera cut back to the ring for the next segment.

Aleister Black made his RAW debut back in February and worked in the tag team with Ricochet. However, the team was split during Superstar Shakeup 2019 and Black was sent to SmackDown roster for a singles run. Since moving to SmackDown, Black started appearing in backstage promos where he kept asking someone to pick a fight with him.

The first person to pick the fight was Cesaro who ended up facing Aleister Black at WWE Extreme Rules 2019. They also had another match on SmackDown two days later and both times Black came on the winning side. The next person to pick the fight was Sami Zayn, who was taken care of before SummerSlam.

At WWE Draft 2019, Black was drafted back to RAW and defeated Eric Young at the 14 October episode. Black suffered a knee injury earlier this month and has been limited to doing promos ever since. It seems now that he has either recovered or will recover in the coming weeks to start his new program with Buddy Murphy.

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