Extreme Rules 2019: Aleister Black Wins in Singles PPV Debut

Aleister Black has defeated Cesaro to win his Debut singles PPV match at Extreme Rules 2019 “14 July”.

Aleister Black Extreme Rules 2019
Aleister Black Extreme Rules 2019

Cesaro shoves Black in the face and corners him to hit an uppercut. Big boot from Black, side slam from Cesaro. Cesaro was going for the neutralizer but Black throws him off with a back body drop. Cesaro lands on his feet and sits down to mock his entrance pose Cesaro hits a Springboard Uppercut on Aleister Black and he is in trouble now. Aleister Black tries to hit the Moonsault on Cesaro but he catches him. The leg kicks of both men has hurt their knees. Cesaro seems to be hurting a lot.

Aleister tries the Double Knees dive, but Cesaro catches him, throws him up and hits an Uppercut for a near fall. Black goes for a Sliding pin, but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro tries a diving Uppercut, but Aleister hits the knee.

Cesaro was looking for a move but Black counters with a kick and follows it up with a sidekick, only for more kicks to follow. Cesaro was looking for a springboard move but Black catches him in midair with a knee. Cesaro is tossed out and once he comes back, Black executes a leg lock. Cesaro tries to counter it with a sharpshooter but ultimately manages to lock in crossface. They start exchanging strikes, sidekicks, uppercuts and more. That is until Black hits the Black Mass kick to get the pin.

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