Jake Paul Inked an Opponent for His Next Bout in October

Jake Paul's entrance with Robot

After back-to-back canceled bouts, it seems like Jake Paul finally has an opponent for his next boxing match. 

The Youtuber turned boxer took to his Twitter handle and stated, “Opponent is inked, October is mine.” Earlier, Paul assured the fans that his next opponent would be a professional boxer with a winning record. 

Jake Paul was originally scheduled to face Tommy Fury on August 6. However, Fury was denied entry to the US, and eventually the bout was canceled. 

Later, Hasim Rahman Jr. replaced Fury as Paul’s opponent. However, Rahman Jr. failed to make the weight and this bout was canceled as well.

KSI offered Paul to fight against him on his card, but then they both agreed to fight at Wembley next year. Now, it remains to be seen who will be Paul’s next opponent and when this fight will actually take place. 

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