Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 3 Live Blog, Play by Play

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Welcome to the Live Blog for Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 3 boxing bout which will headline Dazn PPV on September 17, 2022, from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Canelo and Golovkin will collide for the third time in their career 4 years after their second encounter in 2018. Canelo defeated Golovkin to win the WBA(Super), WBC & the Ring Middleweight titles via majority decision. Their first bout ended in a draw in 2017. Results of both bouts have been controversial with many pundits and fans believing that Golovkin has won both those bouts.

The trilogy fight will be one weight class above their previous two bouts. Canelo’s Undisputed Super Middleweight titles – WBA(Super), WBC, WBO, IBF & The Ring – on the line. Another interesting thing here is that Canelo enters this bout after just second loss of his career. He lost to Dmitry Bivol in Light Heavyweight title bout in May this year.

Golovkin, on the other hand, has not lost in his four bouts since that loss to Canelo. He has won back WBA(super), IBF & IBO Middleweight titles. Will he be able to topple Canelo this time around to become a two-division champion and finally, an undisputed champion?

Tune in below to find out everything going in Canelo vs GGG 3 bout with live round-by-round and play-by-play updates from Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin 3 boxing bout.

Live Updates

It’s time for the main event now! Kazakhstan’s national anthem starts the proceedings. Mexico’s national anthem is performed next. We get US national anthem next.

Gennady Golovkin is now walking out with his entourage. He almost sprints out.

Canelo makes his grand entrance next as Alejandro Fernandez performs for him.

The introductions are done. The referee has completed his instructions and we are ready to go.

Round 1: The crowd explodes as they circle around after the bell. Both men keeping distance and checking their jab in the first minute. Canelo gets the first combo going. Golovkin fires back after a while. He is looking a bit more tentative. Not much action in the round though as both men are checking each other out mostly.

Round 2: Canelo swings big and misses. GGG connects a couple of jabs. Canelo counters one. Canelo tries another big shot but GGG keeps his distance. Canelo lands a left hook. Both miss their jabs. Golovkin lands right. GGG hits a body combo. Canelo connects a couple of jabs. Canelo puts more pressure with combo shots on the body. Canelo lands an overhead right with 20 seconds to go. GGG lands a double jab.

Round 3: Canelo throws a body shot but it gets blocked. Canelo lands a left and a right. Left jabs from Canelo as ups the ante a bit. He counters with another good jab. Golovkin lands a left and falls back to avoid counter. Canelo reaches out after a while with a good combination. Canelo is fighting on the front foot. Canelo keeps his jabs going.

Round 4: GGG goes for a body shot. Canelo attacks him with his lefts. The crowd gets behind Canelo as they trade more jabs. Canelo pushes him back with body and head combo shots. Canelo lands another combo. GGG is only able to throw jabs for now. Canelo lands a left hook. GGG misses his combo. Canelo pushes him back with more counters shots.

Round 5: GGG starts with jabs and double jabs. Canelo pushes him back with a power shot. Canelo goes for more shots but GGG gets into a clinch. Canelo is still looking the better man after they reset, almost throwing shots at will. Shots at the bicep from Canelo. GGG lands a shot on face. Canelo rushes him with a double jab. GGG staggers a bit despite it being a weaker shot from Canelo. Canelo jumps on with a big overhead right.

Round 6: Canelo counters with a left which just brushes off GGG’s head. Canelo keeps on pressuring him with his fluid attacks. GGG lands a power shot but walks away quickly to avoid a counter. Canelo lands a body shot after a few seconds. GGG looks for left jabs but Canelo counters again with his lefts on the body. A bit of back-and-forth ends this round. Canelo is winning by a landslide until now.

Round 7: Canelo lands an overhead right. GGG goes for and misses uppercuts. Canelo lands on a combo. GGG lands a couple of jabs. Canelo lands on the body. A quite period in the second minute of this round. Canelo lands two good back-to-back power punches. GGG lands one on biceps. Canelo lands a weaker right. He lands a combo near the end.

Round 8: Canelo counters jabs with a combo. He lands big shots on the biceps. He goes for body shots before GGG gets into a clinch. Canelo pauses for a bit and invites some attack. Nothing significant comes from GGG. They trade hooks . Canelo lands more on the body. GGG tries to pierce through with jabs. Canelo throws more on body before catching GGG right in his face. GGG lands an overhead right. Canelo counters with a combo.

Round 9: GGG still trying to land with his jabs. Canelo’s body shots forces him to get into a clinch. Canelo lands an overhead right after the reset. Golovkin is finally letting his hands go and forces Canelo to move back a bit. Canelo pushes him back with a combo. More good work from GGG as he targets his head. Canelo fires back with heavy rights as the round comes to an end. First round in this fight in favor of GGG.

Round 10: A faster start to this round as they trade shots back and forth for the first 30 seconds. GGG lands a left. Canelo lands on the body. Canelo lands left hooks combo. GGG misses an uppercut. Canelo lands more on the body. GGG lands an uppercut. GGG gets into a clinch a couple of times in the space of 30 seconds. They trade jabs before Canelo just grazes GGG with an uppercut. GGG lands a triple jab. Canelo fires another big shot on the body. Another exciting round. An accidental headbutt leads to bleeding for Canelo.

Round 11: Another fast start to this round as both men lands their shots. Both men are letting their hands go. They ultimately get into a clinch after 30 seconds. Rest of the first minute goes by quite. Canelo lands a right hook. GGG lands a couple of short uppercuts. Golovkin seems to have found some energy late in this fight. He throws in more jabs. Canelo is mostly blocking now. He throws in a left to initiate another clinch from GGG. More clinch from GGG. Canelo lands a combo on body.

Round 12: GGG starts with lefts. Canelo replies with his lefts. A right uppercut on body from Canelo after they trade more shots. GGG starts another clinch. He continues to do the same thing. He is almost hugging now. Canelo lands a few rights as GGG tries another clinch. The referee resets the bout atleast 5 in the second minute of the round. GGG is clearly tired. More clinching from him. 3 resets the bout 3 more times during the final minute of the round. They trade shots to end the round. Canelo and GGG hug after the final bell.

Official Decision: Canelo Alvarez won via unanimous decision(116-112, 115-113, 115-113) to retain his Undisputed Middleweight Championship.

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