WWE SmackDown Live Results 9 July 2021: Last Time in ThunderDome

WWE SmackDown 9 July 2021

Welcome to the live blog for WWE SmackDown episode of 9 July 2021 which will feature two qualifiers for Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.

WWE is also teasing that Roman Reigns will probably retaliate against Edge. As Bayley got injured, her replacement will be announced for Money in the Bank on tonight’s show. You can check more about all these in our preview here. This will be the last SmackDown episode in WWE Thunderdome. So, we can expect some surprise before WWE starts touring again.

Join us as we bring you the complete action, live results, updates, list of winners and highlights from WWE SmackDown episode of 9 July 2021.

Show – Friday Night SmackDown
Date – 9 July 2021
Location – Yuengling Center, Tampa, FL, US
Time – 8 PM EST(10 July 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

WWE SmackDown 9 July 2021 Quick Results

  • Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Baron Corbin in a singles match via pinfall to qualify for Money in the Bank Ladder match.
  • Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox defeated Natalya & Tamina in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro in a singles match via pinfall to qualify for Money in the Bank Ladder match.

The Family Comes Together

The show opens with the recap of Edge’s return two weeks back and how he took on Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso in the past two weeks. After the video ends, we cut backstage with Paul Heyman in front of Roman’s Locker Room. Jimmy Uso tries to barge in but Heyman stops him. Heyman tells him that he deserves 100% of Roman’s attention, but he is occupied somewhere else. We cut to SmackDown’s theme song.

Roman is at Gorilla Position with Heyman. He makes his grand entrance and gets the mic in the ring. He is getting heavily booed by the crowd. Roman says Edge is lying when he said that he is in his head and that he is fearful. At WrestleMania, he might have got some doubt for 5-10 seconds when he was in that hold. But then he recovered and smashed, stacked and pinned him. And two weeks back, he was not focused because of everything going on with Jey and Jimmy.

The Usos music hits and Jimmy comes out to the ring. Jimmy asks Roman where he was when Edge put Jimmy in the crossface. Roman replies that he was doing a job that he could not do. The Usos music hits once again and Jey Uso comes out now. He is missing from SmackDown for 4 weeks now. Jey says he is back and it is not for him but for all of them, for family. Jey tells Roman that he wants to be his right-hand man. He then says Jimmy that he wants to be a tag team champion. Roman says that’s all he wanted for them. Roman gives the mic to Heyman and hugs both Jimmy and Jey. The segment ends as their embrace comes to an end.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin – Money in The Bank Qualifier

Baron Corbin is backstage when Kayla Braxton approaches. She asks about tonight’s Money In the Bank qualifier against Shinsuke Nakamura. Corbin talks about how his life is a mess right now. He has lost his crown, his car, he has missed house payments and is close to having his house foreclosed on. He has to win Money In the Bank again and that is the only opportunity he has at turning his life back around. We cut to a break.

Corbin makes his entrance after the break without any music. We see the recap of how he lost the crown to Nakamura three weeks back and how his car was towed away. Big E’s music hits and he comes out to the ringside. He has a couch setup beside the commentary table. He invites Pat McAffee to join him on the couch. Rick Boogs is on the stage now and plays on his Guitar as Nakamura makes his entrance. Corbin attacks Nakamura on the ramp. Boogs helps out Nakamura and sends Corbin into the barricade. We cut to a break.

The match has started as we return from the break. Corbin whips Nakamura to the other corner but misses a clothesline in the corner. He drops Nakamura immediately and does not allow Nakamura to get the upper hand. Corbin beats up Nakamura with more punches and blows to the back. Corbin drops Nakamura on the ropes. Nakamura hits the big boot after coming from the ropes. Nakamura with more punches and kicks before Corbin catches his legs.

Nakamura unloads on him in the corner and hits a running knee. Nakamura gets a two-count after some more attack. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa but Corbin catches his leg and puts on the single-leg Boston crab. Nakamura grabs the bottom rope after a few seconds. Corbin goes a German suplex but Nakamura fights backs with back elbows and sends Corbin out of the ring. Corbin takes a shot at Rick Boogs on the floor. Nakamura runs him over with a suicide dive and throws him on the announce table. We cut to a break.

Corbin misses a shoulder tackle in the corner as we return. Nakamura hits a dropkick before Corbin catches him with Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin hits a big suplex for another two-count. Nakamura fights back on the top and puts on the triangle choke on. Corbin powers up to hit a powerbomb, but Nakamura holds onto the triangle chokes. Corbin was fading away but manages to get his legs onto the ropes to break the hold.

Nakamura was going for the Kinshasa but Corbin turns him inside out with a clothesline. Nakamura hits some knees to the face and then hits the Kinshasa to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Shinsuke Nakamura(qualifies for MITB Ladder Match)

After the match, Rick Boogs comes into the ring to celebrate with King Nakamura. Corbin is down on the floor and is crying about his loss.

The Usos are backstage. Jimmy Uso apologizes to Jey Uso but Jey says it’s nothing., Jey says someone like Edge will bring a family back together. Jey asks Jimmy if he is ready to take care of some family business tonight before Jimmy does. Jimmy is, but he stares ahead with a serious look on his face.

Tamina & Natalya vs Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox

Tamina and Natalya are in the ring. Natalya takes the mic and says two new superstars want to go face them in a tag team match. Tamina adds that they will humble them. Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox make their entrance on Shotzi’s mini tank. They get into the ring. We see a replay of how Shotzi threw a projectile towards Tamina from her tank.

Natalya takes Nox down to start. Nox twists her arm and tags in Shotzi for the double team and a dropkick. More double team action as Tegan is whipped into the corner over Natalya before Shotzi hits a cannonball on her. Natalya turns it around and tags in Tamina. Tamina hits a knee on the ropes before some clotheslines in the corner. Tamina hits an elbow drop for a two-count. Natalya tags in and throws Shotzi into a big kick.

Tegan runs in to save Shotzi from more attacks. Tegan manages to knock Tamina off to the floor. Natalya clotheslines Nox out of the ring. Shotzi drops Natalya from behind and hits a splash from the top to get the win.

Winner – Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox

Megan Morant is backstage with Edge. She asks if he has any comments on Roman Reigns and The Usos reuniting. Edge says he will save his comments for later when he goes to the ring to call Reigns out. He takes shots at Reigns and The Usos, then mentions that this won’t be a happy family reunion, and that’s a spoiler, not a prediction.

Bayley’s Replacement

Sonya Deville makes her way out to the ring. Sonya confirms that Bayley is out of Money in the Bank due to an injury. We cut to a promo from Bayley where she ridicules fans as she was pushing herself which caused this injury. We get back to Deville, who announces that Bianca Belair will not defend the title at Money in the Bank now. Deville announced Carmella as Bianca’s opponent. Carmella makes her entrance and gets a mic in the ring.

Carmella says apart from being the two times Money in the Bank winner and a future SmackDown Women’s Champion. Liv Morgan’s music hits and she comes out to the ring. She rants on Deville for putting Carmella once again ahead of her and just appointing people. Deville snaps at her and tells her how she was about to announce her for the Money in the Bank Ladder match. Morgan is almost in tears of joy. She leaves the ring.

Bianca Belair comes out to the stage for a promo and war of words with Carmella to hype their match next week.

Paul Heyman goes to Roman Reigns and tells him that they have a problem in Edge. Heyman says Edge plans on calling him out to the ring tonight. Edge has also questioned Reigns’ manhood as per Heyman. Reigns turns angry as we cut to the other segment.

Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

Seth Rollins makes his entrance for the match. We cut to a break.

Cesaro starts with a waistlock takedown for a pin attempt. They trade several pin attempts. Some back and forth action. Cesaro hits a crossbody from the top for a two-count. Rollins is frustrated and moves to the floor. He throws away some things from the announce table in frustration as we cut to the break.

Rollins manages to turn it around on the floor by sending Cesaro into the announce table. Rollins sends Cesaro into the steel steps. Back to the ring, Rollins gets a two-count. He keeps control for a while. Rollins with a knee to the gut and slams Cesaro’s shoulder to the mat. Cesaro fights back with some uppercuts. Rollins tries for a backslide pin but Cesaro overpowers him. Rollins hits a kick to the back of his head for another two-count.

Rollins boots Cesaro in the corner now. They start to trade uppercuts and punches. Cesaro hits a slam from torture-rack to get a two-count. Cesaro gets on the top now. Rollins catches him with a superplex and falcon arrow combo. Cesaro ends up taking Rollins to the floor as we cut to a break.

We return and Cesaro has Rollins in the swing. Rollins avoids the sharpshooter after the swing. Cesaro gets a two-count after some struggle. Rollins catches Cesaro with a big forearm as he was coming down from a springboard. Rollins slams his face into the exposed turnbuckle for a two-count. Rollins takes a big shot at the back of his head and Cesaro is busted open on the forehead. Rollins goes to the floor and sends him into the barricade and the announce table. The referee starts to count as Rollins returns to the ring.

Cesaro comes back but Seth sends him out once again. Rollins goes to the floor and hits a DDT on the steel ramp. Cesaro barely beats the 10 counts from the referee. Cesaro catches Rollins in a pin attempt. Some back and forth and Rollins manages to hit the stomp for the pin and the win.

Winner – Seth Rollins(qualifies for MITB Ladder Match)

The Usos are outside Edge’s Locker Room. Jimmy wants to go inside but Jey stops him and wants to ambush Edge on his way out. We cut to a break.

After the break, Jimmy loses his patience and barges into Edge’s locker room. But Edge is not there.

We cut to Seth Rollins who is really happy over qualifying for the Money in the Bank match. Kayla Braxton walks in for an interview. Rollins recalls how he won the briefcase in 2014 and cashed in against The Tribal Chief. Rollins then says he might just cash in at Money In the Bank to win the Universal Title and that he should be the one to face Reigns now instead of Edge. Edge is behind Rollins now. Rollins turns around and Edge says Rollins has not changed since 2014. Edge goes on and says he is about to do something Rollins would never do – call Reigns out. Edge walks off.

Chad Gable is backstage with Otis. He doesn’t care if you’re a top star like Edge or Roman Reigns, or The Street Profits, no matter who the opponent is, if you step to Alpha Academy, the result will be the same. Otis says he and Gable will destroy anyone.

Edge Calls Out Roman Reigns

Edge is in the ring and wants to send matching laces for the Uso Family. He says that he wants the Universal Championship and whoever gets in his way will see himself in crossface. Edge now calls out Roman Reigns to come and face him in the ring right away. Roman Reigns is watching this from backstage with the Usos and Paul Heyman around him. Roman gets up from his chair and wants to deal with Edge alone.

Edge continues to call Roman out and waits for him to come out. Roman gets to the Gorilla Position where he hands the Universal title to Paul Heyman before heading out. Roman makes his entrance. The Usos watch from backstage and want to come out to help out Roman. Roman Reigns is on the ramp when The Usos come out.

Roman’s smile suddenly turns into anger. Reigns says he told them to stay back. Reigns says he’s going to handle this with Edge. Jimmy and Jey encourage Reigns, telling him to take Edge out. Edge waits for Roman to get in the ring. Roman gets into the ring and starts a brawl. The Usos were about to hit the ring when Rey Mysterio’s music hits. Rey and Dominik attack The Usos and they brawl at the ringside. Edge and Roman continue their fight inside the ring.

The Usos superkick Dominik and Rey. Edge was looking for a spear on Roman but Jey gets hold of Edge’s leg. The Usos stop him and double team him. Rey makes the save, then Dominik joins in. Dominik hits a double 619 on The Usos. Edge hits a Spear on Jey. Roman is on the stage now. Edge breaks the steel rod off a chair and goes to put Jey Uso in the crossface while Rey and Dominik held Jey down. Jey fades away with the steel rod in his mouth. Reigns is looking at this from the stage. Edge breaks the hold and calls Roman out.

Edge taunts Roman and says this will be him one week. Edge then puts the crossface on Jimmy. Jimmy taps but Edge holds onto the move. Edge goes back to Jey and applies the hold on him once again as The Mysterios help. Reigns turns his back and heads backstage, stopping once to turn back and look at the ring. The show goes off the air.

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