WWE SmackDown Results- 29 May 2020- Battle Royal, Bryan vs Sheamus

Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy SmackDown 29 May
Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy – Intercontinental Championship Tournament Semifinal on WWE SmackDown 29 May 2020

Welcome to ITN’s Live Result and Updates Blog for WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode of 29 May 2020(5/29/2020).

Location- WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL, US
Time- 8 PM EST(30 May 2020 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

The Accident

The show opens and Renee Young is outside the WWE Performance Center while Elias is down behind her being checked by the medics. She says a man dressed in a black shirt and black pants was involved in an accident and apparently ran over Elias. Police officers check the car and call for Jeff Hardy. Braun Strowman is with Kayla Braxton now saying that he was a person running away after the crash and he hopes they find the person who did this to Elias.

Jeff Hardy was also down in the parking lot and is now helped to get on his feet. A police officer asks him if he was the driver and if he has been drinking. Hardy is confused and asking what is happening. He is grunting in pain it seems. A police officer says he reeks of alcohol and arrests him. A WWE producer is trying to calm him down He is taken away in a police car now. An ambulance carrying Elias also drives out of the building.

Who Will Face Bryan and Styles?

After the break, WWE producer Adam Pearce is telling the locker room about the accident. He says Elias’ injuries are not life-threatening but he can’t compete tonight. Another crew member comes up and tells that Hardy is arrested and will not be on the show tonight. Sheamus takes some shots at Hardy, calling him a junkie. AJ Styles interjects saying he and Bryan should be in the final now. But Bryan says they should each pick one opponent each to compete tonight. Styles starts arguing with Bryan over it.

Sheamus says he should face Bryan tonight and Corbin wants to be up against Styles. Styles wants his free ride to the final. The arguments continue as Jey Uso, Dolph Ziggler and others also want to get involved. A Battle Royal is announced by Pearce. The winner of Battle Royal will face Daniel Bryan in the semifinal tonight and AJ gets a bye to go to the final. Bryan and AJ exchange some more words as we go to the break.

10 Men Battle Royal – Winner To Face Daniel Bryan in Semifinal of IC Tournament

Participants- King Baron Corbin, Shorty G, Drew Gulak, Jey Uso, Dolph Ziggler, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sheamus, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik and Cesaro

They start with all chaos. LHP duo are taking it to Cesaro. Nakamura and Gulak are battling on the apron, near the turnbuckle. Nakamura makes it back inside. Cesaro tries to take out Dorado but he gets hold off the ropes. Dolph almost eliminates Ziggler but he hangs on. Cesaro hoists up Ziggler, showing off his power and drops him. But Ziggler holds on once again.

The action goes on and Metalik decks Cesaro. Sheamus shouts at Michael Cole from the ring and Shorty G tries to sneak up on him. Sheamus is too much for him though. LHP is once again going after Corbin. Dorade is backdropped to the apron, from where he hits an enziguiri. But Corbin decks him on the next move and Dorade is the first man to be eliminated.

Gulak puts Corbin on the apron but he fights back from there. Corbin manages to pick him up and throw him out. G moves out of the corner as Nakamura goes with a high knee. Metalik with double springboard elbow on Corbin and Ziggler. He splashed Ziggler in the corner. He goes after Corbin and Ziggler hits him with a superkick. Corbin throws Metalik out to eliminate him. Ziggler tries to eliminate Corbin but Corbin was alert. He dummies a handshake and throws Ziggler out. Corbin turns around into a superkick from Jey Uso to get eliminated. We go to the break.

After the commercial, Sheamus and Cesaro are working against Shorty G. Sheamus puts G on the top turnbuckle. He fights back and puts Sheamus in an armbar against the ropes. He hits a tornado DDT next. Jey and G hits back to back moves in the corner to Cesaro now. Nakamura and Uso dodges the kicks but Nakamura catches him on the second attempt. G tries to eliminate Nakamura but Cesaro comes to his help. G manages to counter on the apron and eliminate Cesaro. Shorty G and Nakamura go at it. G manages to hit Nakamura with a waistlock German Suplex, which throws Nakamura over the top rope to eliminate him.

Nakamura gets irate and the referees get busy with him. Cesaro comes in and throws Shorty G out to eliminate him. Uso gets some uppercuts going on Sheamus. Sheamus picks him up and throws him. Jey manages to hang onto the apron. Sheamus with his clubbing blows on his chest but Uso counters using the ropes. He hits an overhead kick and then a superkick. His clotheslines gets Sheamus over the rope but Sheamus held on. Sheamus drags him over the rope and they battle on the apron. Sheamus catches a superkick and pushes Uso into the ringpost. His Brogue kick eliminates Uso for the win.

Winner – Sheamus, Will Face Daniel Bryan in Semifinal

Sonya Deville cuts a promo on her opponent of the night- Lacey Evans. She was saying how she dominated against Mandy Rose and Evans awaits the same fate. Evans just moved in the background while Sonya was saying all this. She pushes Deville to the floor and tells her that she will see her in the ring.

Shorty G is arguing with Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura backstage regarding his elimination. He has a problem with his opportunity being stolen. Cesaro tells his that he does not belong in the big league and will never be a champion. Cesaro extends a challenge for the match tonight. G pushes him to the ground and tells him that he accepts. The referee takes G away while Nakamura handles Cesaro.

Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville

Evans enters and the commentators tell us how this match was set up after a feud on Twitter. Deville enters in her new costume and new theme. We get the replay of how she pinned Mandy Rose last week. They start and Evans avoids her legs being caught by Sonya a couple of times. Evans taunts Sonya offers her an advantage position. They tussle for a while and Evans manages to take Sonya down with a double leg takedown. They restart and Sonya tackles Evans down to the mat. Evans kips up and both women tie up their hair. Evans catches Sonya with a sidekick.

Evans taunts Sonya by mentioning Rose and Sonya hits a forearm to take control now. Sonya lays it into Evans with more strikes. She picks Evans’ leg and gets a quick two-count. Evans hits a kick to the gut. Evans hits a suplex and then tangles her into the apron. Both women are outside the ring now. Sonya spears Evans outside as the referee starts counting to 10. They continue to wrestle outside and the match ends with a double count-out.

Result – Double Countout

After the match, Sonya sends Evans into the announce table and Evans returns the favour. Evans gets back into the ring and asks Sonya to restart the match. Sonya grabs the commentators’ microphone and tells her that she will fight her at her own terms. Sonya heads up to the ramp and then back.

We get another backstage promo from The Forgotten Sons. It is usual promo about their background.

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss were discussing something backstage. Kofi Kingston and Big E sneks up on them to frighten them. They all start laughing and are dancing their way.