WWE SmackDown July 7, 2023 Results & Live Updates- Tribal Court

Roman Reigns Tribal Court WWE Smackdown July 7
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Welcome to the live results blog for WWE SmackDown July 7, 2023 episode, which featured the return of Tribal Court on the road to SummerSlam 2023. The show saw SmackDown return to Madison Square Garden.

The Usos called for The Tribal Court, where Roman Reigns was on trial. How did Roman respond to this? And more importantly, how was he dealing with getting pinned in the tag team match at Money in the Bank?

Additionally, Edge returned to SmackDown and featured on Grayson Waller Effect. Two matches were also set including Unites States Championship match between Austin Theory and Sheamus. AJ Styles faced Karrion Kross in a rematch.

We also saw the fallout from Bianca Belair interfering in Asuka vs Charlotte Flair Women’s title match. Ms. Money in the Bank Iyo Sky tried to steal the title. Check below for results from WWE Friday Night SmackDown July 7, 2023 episode with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • Austin Theory(c) defeated Sheamus in a singles match via pinfall to retain WWE United States Championship.
  • AJ Styles defeated Karrion Kross in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Edge defeated Grayson Waller in a singles match via pinfall.


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Trial of Roman Reigns

The show opens with a recap of The Usos beating Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa at MITB. The Usos come. The Usos take the mic and discuss how Roman was considered unbeatable, but they were able to beat him. Paul Heyman interrupts them as he comes out with Solo Sikoa. He is here to present a defense for Roman Reigns. The Usos ask him to shut up. Heyman says there is only one man who can shut him. Solo grabs his mic and Paul is in shock as he throws it away. Solo walks past The Usos and stands in one corner. Roman Reigns’ music hits and he makes his entrance. We cut to a break.

Jey says Roman is not gonna manipulate them. They send him to a video package where Roman disrespects The Usos again and again, and even disrespects Solo and Heyman, and is only concerned about himself. Roman scratches his head. The crowd chants, “you f##ked up”. Roman replies he did not, and that’s not he is, but that’s who he was forced to be. Roman says he did it for them. Roman argues that he was WrestleMania main event long before The Bloodline. He did not need The Bloodline, but the Bloodline needed him.

Roman says he carried the weight of the world, but the Usos have decided to showcase his worst moment and his children might have formed a bad opinion about him. Roman says he did not need money anymore, and Jey can have it if he wants. He removes his red garland from puts it on Jey. Roman is crying. He throws away the Undisputed Universal Championship belt and kneels down in front of Jey while still crying. Jey goes to check on him but Roman hits him with a low blow. Jimmy starts beating him up. Solo pulls Jimmy away from Roman.

Solo looks at the garland fallen in the middle of the ring. He hits Jimmy with Samoan Spike. He picks up the garland. Roman gets up and asks for it. Jey jumps on them from behind and unloads on Roman. Solo hits Jey with Urinage. Roman hits a Superman punch on Jimmy. They take The Usos to the floor and clear the announce table. Jey’s arms are trapped in the ropes. Roman runs over Jimmy with the title belt while Solo holds off Jey.

Roman slams Jimmy’s head with the steel steps. He picks Jimmy up, puts him on the barricade and hits him with the steel step once again. Solo lets Jey go. Jey pushes Solo away and goes after Roman. Solo hits Jey with Samoan spike before throwing him over the announce table. Roman orders Solo to finish Jimmy. Solo hits a splash on Jimmy to put him through the announce table. Roman poses with his title to close the segment.

We return to see Jimmy being carried away on a stretcher. Jey, Adam Pearce and many other crew members are with him.

Austin Theory(c) vs Sheamus – WWE United States Championship

Sheamus puts Theory in the corner and hits punches. Theory hits back with a boot. Sheamus hits a backbreaker. Theory moves to the floor. Sheamus jumps on him on the floor. We cut to a break.

Theory is in control as we return. He tries to hit Sheamus’ 10 beats of Bothran but Sheamus blocks it right away. Sheamus takes down Theory before hitting a shoulder tackle off the top rope. Theory comes back with spinout slam to take us to another break.

Sheamus hits clothesline in the corner before a body slam. Theory slips out of Celtic Cross and drops Sheamus’ face on the ropes. Sheamus hits a spinebuster before putting him in a cloverleaf. Pretty Deadly run out and Sheamus starts to beat them up. Theory attacks him from behind. Sheamus hits a Air Raid Crash for a near fall. The Brawling Brutes also run out and starts to beat up Pretty Deadly. Ridge Holland drops Wilson on the apron. Sheamus hits Brogue kick on Wilson but Theory rolls him up for the pinfall.

Winner – Austin Theory

Grayson Waller Effect with Edge

Grayson Waller is in the ring for his talkshow. Waller says he did not have a match on SmackDown so far but yet he stands in the middle of the ring at Worlds Most Famous Arena. Waller says the arena has seen many big moments, but claims there will not bigger moment than the announced Edge is going to make next. Edge makes his entrance. Edge takes the mic and starts to hype up MSG but Waller cuts him off and wants to get to the announcement quickly.

Edge asks him what is he talking about. He says he is here celebrating 25 years of his career. Waller says Edge’s career ended the first time due to a neck injury. Edge shuts him up and says he has to talk to MSG. He recalls how his first WWE PPV was here at MSG. He says New York City is for hard workers and dreamers, and they have given him so much love. Waller cuts him off and says that is the reason Edge is making his big announcement here that he is retiring. Edge says Waller was in the ring with John Cena in London at Money in the Bank, and he is in ring with Edge at MSG tonight, so there must be someone who sees something in him. But Edge warns him that he is in deep waters on SmackDown.

Edge then announces that he is not retiring at all, but he will be in action tonight, and his opponent will be none other than Grayson Waller.

AJ Styles vs Karrion Kross

Kross starts with a clothesline. Kross’ leg is taped up. He unloads in the corner before another clothesline in the corner. Kross hits Kross Hammer on Styles from behind. Kross puts on a choke from behind but Styles hits a jawbreaker to break free. AJ gets to the apron and nails Kross with a forearm. Scarlett pulls AJ’s leg. Michin takes care of Scarlett and throws her into the barricade. AJ hits Kross with a forearm on the back of his neck. AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm to get the pinfall.

Winner – AJ Styles

Who Gets Next Shot at Women’s Title?

We see a recap of how Bianca Belair caused a disqualification in Asuka vs Charlotte Flair match. Asuka makes his entrance to take us to a break.

Asuka in the middle of the ring. She says no one is ready for her. Bianca runs out and unloads on Asuka. Charlotte Flair also runs out. Bianca meets Charlotte on the floor to continue brawling. Asuka hits them with a basement slide. Asuka is looking for a moonsault, but she gets stopped by Iyo Sky. Iyo and Bayley beat up Asuka. Bayley hits Roseplant on Asuka on the MITB breifcase. Iyo hits a moonsault on Asuka next. Bayley goes to hand MITB briefcase to the referee but Bianca blocks her. Bianca pulls Bayley out of the ring and runs her over. Charlotte hits a pump kick on Iyo in the ring. Asuka runs away with her title.

Edge vs Grayson Waller

They lock up to start the match. Waller slips away and shows off by doing some lunges. Edge runs him over before dropping his midsection on his knees a couple of times. Edge hits a couple of gutwrench suplexes. Edge hits big blows to the back. Waller fires back with a couple of puches. He runs the ropes but Edge catches him to hit fall away slam. Edge goes for the spear but Waller counters with a knee strike. Waller hits a clothesline on the floor to take us to a break.

Waller hits diving DDT to get a two-count as we return. Waller hits ax handles before some knee strikes to Edge’s facce. He puts on a chinlock. Edge fires back with punches to midsection. Waller cuts him off with a knee to midsection. He keeps Edge grounded for a while. Edge cuts him off on the top rope. Waller blocks a superplex and drops him back to the floor. Edge gets his knees up to counter an elbow rope.

Edge hits a big boot and a flapjack. Edge hits a powerbomb on the floor after picking him up from the apron. Edge hits a crossbody from the top rope to get a two-count. Waller blocks a DDT and nails him with a forearm. He hits a twisting unprettier to get a two-count. Waller targets his punches on Edge’s neck. Edge comes off the rope but runs into a spinning forearm shot. Edge slips off his shoulder to hit Edge-cution to get a two-count.

Waller gets out of harm’s way when Edge goes for a spear. He goes for rolling stunner but Edge blocks it and hits a spear to get the pinfall.

Winner – Edge

After the match, Edge takes the mic and says Waller slams.

Trial By Combat!

We cut to backstage to Roman Reigns. Paul Heyman comes in and tells him that Jey Uso has returned to SmackDown and is looking for him. Roman tells him that he will be waiting for him in the ring.

Roman Reigns is in the ring with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. He asks the crowd to acknowledge him but gets cut off by The Usos music. Jey comes out from the crowd. Jey jumps on Solo on the floor and sends him into the ring post. Jey is conflicted as he looks at Roman in the ring. Jey picks up a steel chair and hits Roman with it. Solo stops more chair shots but Jey nails him with a superkick. Jey then slams the steel chair on Solo’s back many times in quick succession. Roman and Heyman have left to the ring. Jey picks up Universal Championship belt in the ring. Jey takes the mic and says it is a trial by combat. There will be no brothers or wiseman, and he will whoop his ass one more time. Roman watches him in anger as the show closes.

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