WWE NXT Results & Live Updates December 6, 2022

WWE NXT December 6 2022
Image Credits – WWE

Welcome to WWE NXT Results blog for December 6, 2022, which will be the go-home episode of NXT Deadline 2022 event.

Two Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifier triple threat matches are announced for the show. Axiom, Von Wagner and Andre Chase are going to clash for the men’s qualifier. Wendy Choo, Fallon Henley and Indi Hartwell are going to fight for the spot in the women’s qualifier.

Tony D’Angelo will return to action after injury in a tag team match with Channing Lorenzo as his partner. Pretty Deadly will present the “Real Christmas Story” while the final build-up for matches for Deadline will continue.

Tune in below as we bring you complete results from WWE NXT’s action packed episode on December 6, 2022, with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • Axiom defeated Von Wagner & Andre Chase in a Triple Threat match via pinfall to qualify for Iron Survivor Challenger Match.
  • Tony D’Angelo defeated Xyon Quinn in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Charlie Dempsey defeated Hunk Walker in a singles match via submission.
  • Isla Dawn defeated Thea Hail in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen defeated Malik Blade & Edris Enofe in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Indi Hartwell defeated Wendy Choo & Fallon Henley in a Triple Threat match via pinfall to qualify for Iron Survivor Challenger Match.


Von Wagner vs Axiom vs Andre Chase – Iron Survivor Challenger Match Qualifier

Wagner starts strong by tackling both opponents. Wagner drops Chase with a shoulder block. He grabs both opponents with side headlocks. Chase and Axiom combine to hit him with shoulder tackles and double suplex. Chase tries to roll-up Axiom for a two-count and calls it a teachable moment!

Axiom hits quick strikes and a dropkick before putting on a heel hook on Chase. Wagner returns to beat them up. Axiom fights back and hits tijeras followed by an arm drag a dropkick. Axiom hits Chase with Northern Lights suplex into a standing moonsault for a two-count. Chase rolls to the floor. Von hits Axiom with a press slam to throw him into Chase on the floor.

Chase hits a powerbomb on Wagner after picking him up from the second rope. He hits a superplex on Axiom next. Chase and Wagner trade punches. Wagner hits a headbutt. Chase trips him with a low dropkick and a side Russian Leg Sweep before Chase-U kicks. Axiom hits a suicide dive on Wagner on the floor. Chase catches him with a powerbomb after countering a springboard kick to get a close two-count. Axiom goes for an armbar but Wagner breaks it.

Axiom puts Wagner in an arm triangle. Wagner powers up and hits Axiom with a powerbomb on Chase. He hits another powerbomb on Chase but he still kicks out. Chase tackles both men before hitting them with a crossbody. Chase rolls to the floor in momentum. Axiom hits a superkick on Wagner to get the pin.

Winner – Axiom

We get a video package for Cora Jade who will do anything to become the first Iron Survivor.

Diamond Mine is in the trainer’s room as Julius Creed is checked by doctor. The doctor clears Julius after checking his knee. Ivy Nile tells Doctor to check his ribs. The doctor checks the ribs and says there is significant swelling and does not clear him. The Creed Brothers are not happy with Ivy.

Apollo Crews catches up with Bron Breakker as he was fishing in a lake. They talk about a bunch of things during the segment as Breakker teaches Crews how to fish. Crews tries to talk Breakker into losing the match at Deadline, but Breakker says he still likes being NXT Champion despite all the pressure and competition that comes with it.

An enhancement talent was waiting in the ring. Sanga hits a corner splash before hitting a chokeslam. Veer is also with him. Javier Bernal walks out to face the enhancement talent, but fakes a hamstring injury and returns. Veer and Sanga take the mic and say that they want The Creed Brothers at 100% and therefore, they decline their challenge for tonight. The Creed Brothers come out, but are held back by WWE Crew.

Andre Chase is recovering from his match with Duke Hudson in the locker room. Thea Hail runs in excitedly and informs them that she is facing Isla Dawn tonight. Hudson tells her not to go into the match. Chase tells her to go ahead. Some disagreement between Chase and Hudson over it.

Xyon Quinn vs Tony D’Angelo

A back-and-forth start to the match. Tony hits a suplex next. He unloads with some punches. Quinn fires back with rights and lefts before hitting a headbutt. Quinn hits a Samoan drop. Tony rolls to the floor and takes a shot from there. He returns to the ring to hit a fishermen suplex and then hits an Urinage to get the pin.

Winner – Tony D’Angelo

After the match, Tony takes the mic brings up Wes Lee injuring him in the qualifier for North American title match. Wes Lee comes out to talk to him face-to-face. Stacks tries to hype up Tony. Lee tells him to calm down and says Dijak dropped him, so, he will have to take care of him first. Tony says he does not care about Dijak. Dijak appears on the screen and tells Tony to be out of his way. He warns Lee to not get in his way. Stacks tries to attack Lee but he escapes quickly.

Last week, Hunk Walker caught up with Charlie Dempsey and talks to him about respect and how he deserves the same respect as anyone else despite working in security.

Hunk Walker vs Charlie Dempsey

Walker starts with some strong tackles and fires some shots. Dempsey throws him into the corner and gets a two-count. He puts on a lock on the elbow. Drew Gulak appears ringside and Dempsey gets distracted for a while. Walker gets to his feet but Dempsey puts more pressure on his arm. Walker hits body shots to break free. Walker hits a Thesz Press before some clotheslines. He hits a corner splash. Dempsey hits him with dragon screw leg to counter a big boot. Dempsey kicks at his face and puts on a single-leg crab. He transitions that crab into a crossface to get the submission from Walker.

Winner – Charlie Dempsey

Drew Gulak stares down Dempsey for a while before going back.

We get a video package for Zoey Stark where she talks about how Hall of Famers unanimously picked her for Iron Survivor match. She assures to win it regardless of entering first or last.

Grayson Waller talks about a bunch of things in his backstage interview with McKenzie Mitchell.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly are in the ring for the “Real Christmas Story”. At the end, they declare that 2023 will be their year. Suddenly, New Day’s music hits and Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods come out. They declare that they will face Pretty Deadly for NXT Tag Team Championship at Deadline.

Javier Bernal is backstage when he is caught up by McKenzie Mitchell. He plays big man when Mitchell asks him about Indus Sher. Ikemen Jiro was walking past them and Mitchell asks him for his opinion on Bernal. Jiro calls him “Big Body Chicken”.

Thea Hail vs Isla Dawn

Isla takes Hail to the ropes. Hail fires up and fires back but Isla hits back with some shots before hitting shining wizard. Isla puts on a shoulder and neck lock. Hail tries to get to her feet but ISla puts her back down. Hail gets back to her feet and fires some shots. She hits a suplex and a big tackle to get a two-count. Isla counters and hits a spinning headlock elbow drop. She hits another spinning headlock elbow drop to get the pin.

Winner – Isla Dawn

We see Kaina James cutting a promo for her appearance in Iron Survivor Challenge match. After that, she hands an envelope to her assistant to hand over to Brooks Jensen.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs Malik Blade & Edris Enofe

Jensen and Enofe start the match. Enofe lands big punches early. Blade tags in for some double-team work. Blade hits a dropkick to get a two-count. Jensen hits a slingblade on Blade and tags in Briggs. Briggs and Jensen work in tandem against Blade. Jensen gets distracted by Kiana James’ assistant leaving an envelope for them.

Blade takes advantage and tags in Enofe. Enofe hits a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick. He sends Briggs to the floor and Blade hits him with a moonsault. Enofe hits an elbow drop from the top on Jensen for a near fall. Von Wagner comes out and starts brawling with Odessey Jones. Jensen hits a spinning heel kick on Enofe. He tags in Briggs for high-low to get the pin.

Winner – Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen

We get a video package for Roxanne Perez.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen are hyping up Fallon Henley when Jensen reveals that Kiana James has sent him VIP tickets for Deadline.

Wendy Choo vs Indi Hartwell vs Fallon Henley – Iron Survivor Challenger Match Qualifier

Indi starts with kicks to midsections and body slams on both opponents. Henely and Choo hit her with kicks at the same time. Indi tries to capitalize when they start to fight within. Indi is hit with a double dropkick. Henley hits Glam Slam on Choo and Indi tries to pin both of them. Indi tackles them. Henley forces her to the floor with a clothesline. Choo and Henley slug it out. Choo rolls through for a pin attempt before knocking out Indi off the apron. Choo hits forearms in the corner before missing sleepover. Henley takes both opponents down with one move. Henley nails Choo with a big punch. Indi hits her with a big boot to take us to a break.

Choo goes to the top as we return. Indi trips her and kicks to the midsection before sending Henley into her. Choo hits back with an ax kick. Henley hits clotheslines to both women before hitting a corner splash on both. Henley hits a slingblade on Indi but Choo breaks the pin. Henley and Choo trade shots. Indi also joins them to trade shots. She hits puts both of them to the apron. Choo trips Indi. She hits a suplex on Henely before hitting a spinebuster on Indi. Henley breaks the pin. Choo is sent to the floor.

Indi puts Henley at the top. Choo comes back for a tower of doom spot. Choo covers Indi, but she kicks out. Choo is frustrated. Toxic Attraction are watching this match from their suite. Choo eats a big boot from Indi. Henley uses a low bridge to send Indi to the floor. Choo hits a brainbuster but Henley kicks out. Choo gets more frustrated. Choo hits a Vader Bomb on Henley. Indi runs in and throws Choo to the floor. Indi hits Henley with a big forearm to the back and gets the pin.

Winner – Indi Hartwell

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