WWE Extreme Rules was a Huge Success & Literal Sellout

WWE Extreme Rules
Credits- WWE

WWE presented the Extreme Rules PPV event last Saturday which featured Matt Riddle defeating Seth Rollins in a fight pit match in the main event. 

According to a report by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the result of the WWE Extreme Rules event was really great. It was a huge success when it comes to gate and attendance. 

The report stated that 13,000 out of 14,500 fans in the arena had paid admission. Moreover, the gate of the event touched nearly $1 million. As a result, the shoe was termed a legitimate sellout. 

WWE Extreme Rules marked the return of Bray Wyatt which was hyped with the help of several QR codes throughout the week. 

His result turned out to be really positive for WWE’s social media handles and peaked the engagements. Now, he is scheduled to appear on the October 14 episode of SmackDown

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