Tyson Fury Puts Over Braun Strowman For Hometown Crowd

Tyson Fury & Braun Strowman ShakeHands at SmackDown 8 November 2019
Tyson Fury & Braun Strowman ShakeHand

Lineal Boxing World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury appeared at SmackDown Tapings in his hometown of Manchester and put over his Crown Jewel opponent Braun Strowman.

Tyson Fury debuted with WWE at Friday Night SmackDown’s Fox premiere episode and started a storyline with Braun Strowman. Later, they were involved in a big brawl at the RAW episode of 7 October 2019. They faced off at WWE Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where Fury won the match with a count-out.

WWE is currently on the European tour and this week’s SmackDown was tapped at Manchester, which is Tyson Fury’s hometown. And it was evident with the thunderous response from the home crowd when Fury entered. He took the mic and discussed how he has traveled all over the world and has garnered wins in the different cities of the world.

That also included his win over Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel. Upon hearing his name, Strowman came out to the ring with a pop from the crowd. Fury was much softer in his tone towards Strowman this time around and called Strowman one of his strongest opponents. They shook hands in the ring and Fury even asked Strowman to be his tag team partner if he ever gets back in the WWE ring.

The B-Team’s Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas interrupted them and did some comedy on the stage. Strowman was not smiling and rushed them as they tried to hit the ring. Then, he went on to demolish them with his usual move set with the cheers from the crowd. After this, Fury and Strowman hugged it out in the ring and posed at the ramp while going back.

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