Crown Jewel 2019: Tyson Fury Defeats Strowman By CountOut

Tyson Fury Defeat Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel 2019
Tyson Fury Defeat Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel 2019

The Lineal Boxing Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury has defeated Braun Strowman with a count-out at WWE Crown Jewel 2019.


Tyson Fury, the Lineal Heavyweight Champion in Boxing, was a guest at SmackDown’s Fox Premiere episode. Braun Strowman, during his tag team match, teased him with a boxing stance and later went on to throw Dolph Ziggler towards him. An enraged Tyson Fury tried to jump in the ring but was stopped by the security.

3 Days later, he appeared at Monday Night RAW and asked an apology from Strowman. This lead to a massive brawl where both of them had to be controlled by the entire RAW Locker room. Later, their match was confirmed in a press conference at T-Mobile Center in Las Vegas.

Match Description

Tyson Fury entered in the traditional wrestling attire, playing to the crowd. His performance in the pro-wrestling ring was much better than expected, although still a bit sloppy. He was able to execute the tackles and even dropkicks. Also, he was taking the bumps all fine, even though Strowman was giving him a bit easy.

After Strowman had hit his signature running tackles outside of the ring, he threw Fury back inside. As Strowman went to the apron, Fury hit the big punch and Strowman fell down on the outside. The referee started counting while Strowman stumbled in the outside. And just like that, Fury got the count-out win.

Post-match, Strowman hit the ring once again and attacked him once again. But that was just to get some pride back. Fury celebrated for a while after Strowman left.

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