SummerSlam 2019: ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt Squashed Finn Balor

The Fiend Bray Wyatt’s rind debut exceeded expectations as he defeated or almost squashed Finn Balor in their match SummerSlam 2019.

Bray Wyatt SummerSlam 2019
Bray Wyatt SummerSlam 2019

To start with Bray Wyatt’s entrance was obviously spooky with a good mix of surprise. It started with the Firefly Fun House intro song but soon turned gloomy as ‘Let Him In’ appeared on the screen. As the drumbeats started, a decapitated head which looked like Bray Wyatt’s appeared in the fog. As the remix version of Wyatt’s old entrance theme started, it became clear that the Fiend is holding a lantern that was a replica of the Bray Wyatt’s head.

The crowd was super into it but expectantly, Finn Balor was in a shocking state. As they got into the ring, the Fiend dominated the match from start to end. However, he was seen battling with his dual personas in between. After one such instance, Balor took advantage and hit a swing blade and a dropkick. But as he went for the Coupe’ De Grace, the Fiend moved out and grabbed him in the Mandible Claw. That was it.

After the match, Wyatt celebrated in the ring before the lights went out. Lights came back once and flashed on him in the middle of the ring. But the second time lights went off, the Feind vanished, leaving the fans asking for more.

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