Reason for the short match between Mysterio-Joe

Samao Joe defeat Rey Mysterio at Wresrlemania 2019, samao joe wrestlemania 35, samao joe beat rey mysterio 2019
Samao Joe defeat Rey Mysterio at Wresrlemania 2019

The ankle injury of Rey Mysterio was apparently the reason for a short match between him and Samoa Joe at WrestleMania last night.

As WWE earlier announced, Rey Mysterio suffered an ankle injury last week at RAW during his match against Baron Corbin. On Saturday, at the red carpet of WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Rey said that he is 90% fit and will be ready to work the match. However, during his WrestleMania match, the injury looked apparent when Rey landed awkwardly while landing after attempting a move from the top.

Dave Meltzer addressed the issue during Wrestling Observer Radio and said Mysterio’s injury was indeed the reason for such a short match. Instead of whatever the original plan was for the match, WWE went with making Samoa Joe look too strong as he choked Rey quickly with the Coquina Clutch.

The match also came as a surprise since Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick was expected to get involved in the match as well. But as it turned out, he was not even at ringside for this match, something which was said repeatedly during the build-up for the match.