Shane McMahon Earned This Huge Amount from WWE in 2022

Shane McMahon WWE

Shane McMahon wasn’t seen on WWE TV for almost the entire 2022, but he still made quite a handsome amount from WWE last year. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission filed a report on January 11 which revealed that Shane McMahon had received an approximate amount of $828,000 as he was an independent contract performer. 

Shane McMahon only appeared in the 2022 Royal Rumble match. However, it was reported that Shane tried to make changes in that match for his personal gain, and hence he was quietly let go after the Royal Rumble PPV

Shane McMahon earned $1,313,823 in 2021 as he was quite active that year and also participated in a Steel Cage match against Braun Strowman at WrestleMania.(Check here for other WWE salaries.)

Now, it remains to be seen whether Shane McMahon will return to the company or not, especially after Vince returned to the promotion and Stephanie resigned from her position of co-CEO. 

Now, Vince McMahon is back as the Chairman of WWE, whereas Nick Khan is the only CEO. Triple H still remains the head of the creative. 

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