WWE RAW Live Results- 21 October 2019: Seth Rollins Explains, Street Profits’ Debut Match

Welcome to the Live Results and Updates Blog for the WWE Monday Night RAW episode of 21 October 2019 (10/21/2019). WWE continues to build towards the Crown Jewel 2019 show much more than expected. The company is advertising that Seth Rollins will explain burning down the Firefly Fun House. Street Profits will make their in-ring debut on RAW against the OC. Ric Flair will also appear on the show to announce the last pick for this team at Crown Jewel. This is apart from Rey Mysterio’s live appearance. Sin Cara returns to action for the first time since Super ShowDown, which will be his first singles match since July 2018.

  • Date- 21 October 2019
  • Location- Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Cleveland, Ohio, US
  • Time- 8 PM EST(22 October 2019 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)
Seth Rollins To Explain Burning Firefly Fun House
Seth Rollins To Explain Burning Firefly Fun House

The show opens with the recap of Rollins-Fiend storyline since Hell in a Cell match and Rollins burning down the Firefly Fun House. After the theme song, Ric Flair comes out.

Ric Flair to announce the last pick for his tag team at Crown Jewel 2019

Flair starts with hyping his team’s chances to win the match at Crown Jewel 2019 against team Hulk Hogan. He takes some shots at the crowd in his promo. He quickly comes to the point and announces the final member of his team, which is Drew McIntyre. McIntyre makes his way to the ring and takes the mic. He tells Flair,”You asked for a favor and it’s done. Now you should see what I am gonna do to Team Hogan at Crown Jewel.” Ricochet’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet

McIntyre starts with some chops and throws Ricochet out of the ring. He slams Ricochet to the barricade before bringing him back. He corners Ricochet and continues to take clean strikes. Ricochet tries to fire back and gets a couple of punches. But McIntyre is quick to thwart any momentum with a back body drop. McIntyre grounds Ricochet. Ricochet hits a kick but gets slammed to the floor in return. More chops in the corners before he throws Ricochet with a vertical suplex.

McIntyre once again grounds Ricochet with a submission move. Ricochet counters after a whip and continues evading McIntyre. McIntyre catches him and goes for the vertical suplex again. Ricochet lands on his feet and hits a dropkick. He reaches the apron and McIntyre pushes him to the floor. As McIntyre goes out, Ricochet sweeps the leg on the outside and hits a suicide dive to get us to the break.

McIntyre has countered during the commercial and has sent Ricochet into the ring post to get the control back. After fighting off, Ricochet hits a couple of chops but gets whipped into the turnbuckle and turned inside out. McIntyre continues his work while Ric Flair hypes his appearance on SmackDown later this week with Sarah Schrieber. Ricochet hits a dropkick as McIntyre jumps from the top rope. Both men are down and its Ricochet who uses his signature moves one after the other to get one-count.

Ricochet continues and hits a dropkick in the corner. He hits a springboard moonsault and gets a nearfall. They trade counters until McIntyre hits a double ax and follows it with a buckle bomb and a sit-out powerbomb to get a close fall. Ricochet once again counters and hits a reverse enziguiri after missing the regular enziguiri. He drops McIntyre with the attitude adjustment and hits 630 splash. Surprise surprise as McIntyre kicks out once again. McIntyre catches him as he goes for recoil and throws him out. After sending Ricochet into the ring post, he hits the Claymore Kick and gets the pin.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

McIntyre continues to attack Ricochet. He throws him around at the ringside before throwing Ricochet into the steel steps with a reverse Alabama Slam. Back in the ring, Flair raises his hands.

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