WWE RAW 2 November 2020 Live Results & Updates

Randy Orton WWE RAW 2 November 2020

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results & Updates Blog for WWE Monday Night RAW episode of 2 November 2020(11/2/2020) featuring Randy Orton, Guitar on a Pole Match, several tag team matches and build-up towards Survivor Series 2020.(Check preview for this show there):

WWE Champion Randy Orton comes out to open the show. He starts his promo in the ring and says he is the best of the best, certainly better than Edge, Shawn Michaels, others and Drew McIntyre. People says that he was protected by Triple H and management early in this career but he has always been the best and that he is a legend. Orton then says he does not care who comes after the title, he is there in the ring, come and get it.

Alexa Bliss comes out as her music hits. She comes into the ring and stands in front of Orton. Orton is surveying the area for the Fiend. Bliss gets her hands below her chin. One glove has “Play” written on it while the other has “Pain.” Bliss keeps Pain hand up and says, “he could be here.” The red lights take over the area and scream fills in.

Orton gets ready for the Fiend but it is Drew McIntyre who takes down Orton with a Claymore kick. McIntyre picks the WWE title and says something to Orton. He leaves after throwing the title on Orton. Money in the Bank holder The Miz and John Morrison come out. They call for a referee as the Miz is cashing in MITB. The referee comes out and McIntyre notices what is going on. McIntyre comes into the ring and beat up Miz and Morrison, preventing them from cashing in. McIntyre leaves the ring and stares back as Orton recovers in the ring.

After the break, Miz and Morrison are backstage and are ranting against Drew McIntyre. They say McIntyre has no business to interfere. Morrison end up challenging McIntyre for an handicapped match.

Jeff Hardy vs Elias – Guitar on a Pole Match

Elias is in the ring with the spotlight on him. There is a guitar setup on a pole in one corner of the ring. He cuts a promo against Jeff Hardy and talks how he is giving a hit after hit album. But his greatest hit will be tonight when he will hit his guitar on Hardy. He plugs in his new album Universal Truth and goes to perform one of the songs. Jeff Hardy’s music interrupts him/

The bell rings and both men try to go for the guitar. They tussle a bit in the ring before Elias throws Hardy out. Hardy jumps at Elias from the steel steps to send him into the barricade. Hardy goes climbing the pole to bring down the guitar but Elias throws a stool at him. We go to break.

Elias is in control as we return. He tries to drop Hardy on the turnbuckle but Hardy counters. Elias then hits a few chops and keeps control for a while. A counters is thwarted by Elia with a jumping knee right into the face. Elias climbs the pole which gives Hardy the time to recover. Hardy with a series of moves in quick succession. He ends up hitting Twist of Fate.

Hardy climbs and brings down the guitar while also kicking Elias down. Hardy jumps from the top turnbuckle and smashes the guitar on Elias’ back. Hardy covers for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

still to come

  • Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin
  • Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax
  • Who Will Enter RAW’s Survivor Series Team?

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