NXT February Tappings Results (*Major Spoilers)

WWE is taping matches on Wednesday night at Full Sail University to air in the coming weeks of NXT. As per various websites, the results are as below and contain Major Spoilers:

DARK MATCH: Luke Menzies defeated Sean Maluta. Quick showcase for Menzies, who won with a standing headbutt.


Opens with a video package for NXT TakeOver: Phoenix.
Johnny Gargano is out for a promo. “Big Johnny Champion” and “You Deserve It” chants. Says he’s proud to say Johnny Wrestling is back. Tommaso Ciampa interrupts. Says Johnny followed the champ’s lead, and now they both have championships and they own the world. This is the dream they shared and what they always wanted, standing side by side and holding all the gold. Says this is our moment. DIY chants break out. Johnny says there is no our moment, the only reason he came out at the end of TakeOver was to prove he would never need Ciampa.
Velveteen Dream interrupts. Dream says this is cute. Tonight isn’t about Gollum and his precious Goldie, or Johnny Badass in the ring. It’s about the guy who stole TakeOver just by showing up, and the guy who won the Worlds Collide tournament: Velveteen Dream. Dream says he gets a shot at any NXT title he wants. He and Ciampa go face-to-face, but Dream tells him “The Dream is over….you” and says that means he doesn’t want Goldie. Velveteen says he picks Johnny. Johnny brags about representing NXT in the Rumble and says if Dream wants his shot, he can have it, and says “I win.” Dream asks if when they face off, is he gonna get Johnny Champion or Johnny Jackass.

Jaxson Ryker defeated Mansoor
Mansoor is the tryout attendee who cut the promo at WWE Greatest Royal Rumble. Quick squash as expected. Ryker wins with a sit-out chokeslam bomb.
Post-match: The Forgotten Sons cut a promo saying they will tear through everyone. They say Ryker will leave a trail of bodies in his wake and Cutler and Blake will be remembered as the ones who took the titles from War Raiders. Ryker pulls Mansoor back into the ring and lays him out.

Drew Gulak defeated Eric Bugenhagen
Bugenhagen is Rick Bugz, who has been making waves on house shows and has been at the PC for a few years. He gets over huge here with an over-the-top air guitar entrance. Gulak is not impressed and takes control early. Bugenhagen gets some fun offense in, but Gulak locks in the GuLock for the win.
Post-match: Gulak says he represents 205 as the best submission wrestler in the world and he comes all the way to NXT and gets fed Ben Stiller from Dodgeball. He says if anyone wants to step to him, let’s see it. Matt Riddle’s music hits to a huge pop. Riddle says the NXT locker room gives their all and if Gulak doesn’t get that, he should get out of the ring and out of NXT before he taps him out. Gulak says kick the flip-flops off and let’s go.

Matt Riddle defeated Drew Gulak
Great technical match. Good technical stuff to start. They trade submission attempts. Both men to their feet to a crowd pop. Riddle goes for his running corner strike but Gulak cuts him off with a huge dropkick. Gulak takes over with a side headlock. Riddle rolls over for a two, but Gulak keeps the headlock on. More submissions by Gulak, including some brutal-looking joint manipulation. Riddle fights up with palm strikes and hits a fisherman suplex. Riddle with some stiff kicks to the chest, but Gulak catches his leg and hits a dragonscrew. Riddle with a bridging suplex for 2. They trade strikes. Riddle catches Gulak and hits a deadlift gutwrench powerbomb, his knee strike, the elbows, and the Bromission for the win.
Post-match: They do the Catch Point handshake. Riddle and Gulak were in a stable called Catch Point on the indies so this was a dream match for their fans even though they’ve faced each other before too. They send Eric Bugenhagen back out for a long encore of his airband entrance to the delight of the audience. He jams with Kayla Braxton and they may have just made a huge No Way Jose like Star here at Full Sail.


Io Shirai, Kairi Sane, & Bianca Belair defeated Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, & Marina Shafir
Kairi and Io dance to Bianca’s theme. The Horsewomen dominate Kairi to start and tag in and outworking her over. Kairi finally gets a hot tag to Io, who runs wild. Kairi goes up and hits the InSane Elbow, but Jessamyn breaks up the pin. Kairi tags Bianca who goes after Shayna. Kairi does a crossbody to the outside and wipes out Jessamyn and Marina. Io blind tags in and hits the moonsault on Shayna and picks up the pin.

Dominik Dijakovic defeated Shane Thorne
Thorne still using The Mighty’s theme. Good match. Late in the match, Dijakovic moonsaults off the top rope and kicks Thorne out of the ring, then hits an insane springboard spiral dive that elicits a “holy s—” chant from the crowd. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes for the pin.

Stacey Ervin Jr. & Humberto Carrillo come out for a match, but Kassius Ohno comes out. He says it’s out of character for him to be out here, but he’s been doing things that are out of character a bit. Kassius says he was watching the monitor and he saw as the camera panned the crowd, he saw a lot of familiar faces, the “notorious Full Sail crowd.” He tells the crowd he detests them and they make him sick, and they think they know everything, but here’s something they don’t know, he’s leaving. He says it’s 2019, he’s got options, and he’s gonna go where he’s appreciated. Keith Lee comes out and lays him out, and says “Oh No” then says better yet and does his viral “oh my god” singing voice. Keith Lee says to Kassius, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.” He also apologizes to Stacey and Humberto for the interruption and says for the show to go on.

Street Profits defeated Humberto Carrillo & Stacey Ervin Jr.
The Profits laugh at Ohno and mock him as they make their way to the ring. Brutal spot late in the match where Montez drops Stacey on his head, but Stacey appears okay and gets the tag to Humberto. Profits hit the Doomsday Blockbuster on Stacey and pick up the win.
Post-match: Profits cut a promo and call out the War Raiders but Barthel & Aichner come out and say they don’t deserve to face them. Then the War Raiders entered and said there isn’t enough fighting and too much talking. So there is a fight and Undisputed Era jumps in too. Eventually, the War Raiders won that battle.

Aliyah defeated Taynara Conti
Mid-match, Vanessa Bourne comes to ringside. Aliyah taps out Conti. Vanessa raises Aliyah’s hand when Shayna Baszler’s music hits. Aliyah and Vanessa bail but Jessamyn and Marina attack on the rank and toss them back in. Shayna disposes of them and Taynara and demands the mic. Shayna says this is a reminder of our reality now. Shayna says do not get in their way, do not cross them, and absolutely do not piss them off.

Ricochet defeated Adam Cole
Ricochet starts hot with a flurry ending with a huge dive to Cole on the outside. Cole works over the knee of Ricochet, leading to Ricochet not being able to hit his usual spots due to his knee giving out. Ricochet does his diving uppercut for a 2. Cole with a step-up enziguri to the top rope on Ricochet. Ricochet goes for the rolling suplex into brainbuster combo but his knee gives out and Cole hits the brainbuster on the knee for 2. Ricochet ducks the running shining wizard for a roll-up but only gets 2. They trade strikes, Ricochet goes for a pele but nobody is home and Cole lands a superkick for a near fall. Ricochet with a hurricanrana, the rolling suplex combo, and Cradle Shock for the pin.
Undisputed Era attack as soon as the match ends, and Aleister Black runs down for the save, but eats a superkick from Cole. Undisputed Era pose over the two before leaving.


Keith Lee defeated Kassius Ohno
Lee has a new theme he is singing. The crowd serenades Ohno with “go home” chants to the tune of his theme song. Ohno dominates the start and hits a huge moonsault for two. Ohno picks Lee up and yells “bask in my elbow!” before landing a big strike. Lee picks up Ohno, but he fights off and Lee bumps the ref. While the ref is dazed, Ohno goes for a low blow, but Lee catches the arm and nails a spirit bomb for the win.

Aleister Black defeated Roderick Strong
Strong in control to start. Aleister fights back and lands a kick and a brainbuster for two. Roderick tosses Aleister into the top turnbuckle, but only gets two. Aleister nails Black Mass out nowhere and get the win. Post-match: Undisputed Era runs out post-match. Kyle eats at kick before he can get in the ring. Ricochet runs out for the save and the two clear the ring.

Update: Earlier it was reported that WWE has shot all four episodes for February but the below two matches are from the 20th Feb episode itself.

Mia Yim defeated Xia Li
Back and forth to start. Xia starts to unleash kicks and Mia backs away. Test of strength won by Mia. Xia with some innovative offense. They trade pin attempts. Mia hits Eat Defeat for the pin.
Post-match: Shayna, Jessamyn, and Marina run out and attack Mia. Lacey Lane, Jessie, and MJ Jenkins run out but are quickly dispatched. They destroy Mia and leave.

The Velveteen Dream defeated Johnny Gargano to win the NXT North American Championship
Excellent match. Back and forth to start. Velveteen flips out of an arm wrench and slaps Johnny so hard he rolls out of the ring. Dream in control, and toying with Gargano. Velveteen jumps to the ropes, but Gargano pulls him down and takes control of the match. Gargano with a neck breaker for two. The crowd is split between Gargano and Dream. Gargano Irish whips Dream into the buckle and he does the HBK bump to the outside. Gargano plays to the crowd and rolls Dream back in the ring. Dream ducks the rolling kick and hits a Fameasser.
Dream gets Gargano on the top rope and goes for a DVD, but Gargano sunset flips him. Gargano with a superkick on the apron, but Dream cuts him off on the DDT attempt. Gargano fights out of the rolling DVD on the apron and hits the dive, but Dream kicks him out of the air on the middle rope spear attempt. Dream comes up empty going for Purple Rainmaker and Gargano hits a kick for a near-fall. Dream goes for the elbow again, but Gargano rolls out of the ring. Dream jumps to the outside but eats a superkick, a suplex on the apron, and Gargano hits the jumping DDT, but Dream kicks out at 2.9. The crowd is on their feet. They trade strikes. Gargano goes for the DIY kick, but Dream catches him with two rolling Dream Valley Drivers and the Purple Rainmaker for the win and the championship. The crowd exploded for this.

Post-match: After Dream celebrates and goes to leave, Gargano runs back down and attacks Dream, and takes the belt. As Johnny poses at the top of the ramp, Ciampa comes out and stands by his side, just like at TakeOver at the end of the taping.

Alternate Ending
Apparently, WWE filmed two endings for the live crowd: Weird thing, when Gargano came back to attack Dream, they essentially re-shot the finish with Gargano dodging the Purple Rainmaker and tapping out Dream before leaving with the belt. Possibly filmed extra finishes to mess with the crowd.