Why Brock vs Velasquez at Crown Jewel 2019 Was So Short?

Brock Lesnar Retain WWE Championship at Crown Jewel 2019
Brock Lesnar Retain WWE Championship at Crown Jewel 2019

The match between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez at WWE Crown Jewel 2019 was reportedly cut short due to Velasquez’s knee injury.

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar defended the title against his longtime rival Cain Velasquez on past Thursday at WWE Crown Jewel. A short and explosive match was expected between former UFC Heavyweight Champions. But literally nothing happened during their match. And just two minutes into the match, Lesnar won with a Kimura Lock.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is also reporting that the idea was always to do a short match. But WON added that Cain Velasquez’s knee in such bad shape that they decided to do the match where nothing happened. The news about Cain’s knee injury is out for some time now, even when he was talking to WWE, AEW, and NJPW for a contract.

It is believed that Velasquez will go for the stem cell procedure for his knee troubles. But the time frame for the procedure is currently unknown. Velasquez is scheduled to team up with Rey Mysterio to face Andrade and Drew McIntyre at the WWE live event in Mexico City on 30 November.

Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, seemed to be getting involved with Rey Mysterio now. Mysterio had to attack Lesnar after his match at Crown Jewel when he refused to let go of Velasquez. Last night at SmackDown, Paul Heyman cut a promo, informing us that Lesnar is quitting SmackDown and will go on RAW to hunt for Rey Mysterio.

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