Firefly Fun House Features on WWE Backstage Premiere

Hell in a Cell Firefly Fun House
Hell in a Cell latest promo features Firefly Fun House

The premiere episode of WWE’s new studio show, WWE Backstage on FS1, featured an all-new Firefly Fun House segment with WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt.

Segment Description

Wyatt welcomes us all for the segment while also greeting the hosts- Renee Young and Booker T. He tells us that he is excited to be invited to the premiere episode of WWE Backstage before introducing himself to the new “fireflies” tuning in. He goes on to warn us that he has been called many things previously- like a genius, madness, sex symbol(Muscle Man Dance Version), and eccentric. Wyatt tells us that it might even scare us if we really know what’s going on in his mind.

We get some rushes of previous episodes of Firefly Fun House, ending with Seth Rollins burning it down. Wyatt assures us that we all will be safe here unless we upset him(the Fiend). As we get some clips from The Fiend’s Universal Championship win at WWE Crown Jewel, Wyatt tells us that Seth Rollins upset the Fiend and look, what he has. He pulls out the Universal Championship title belt. Yowie! Wow!! Wyatt tells us that everyone on Friday Night SmackDown will realize that there is a new ruler of the Universe. We can all join him. All we have to do is, “Let Him In”. See You Friday!!

You can find all previous Firefly Fun House segments here.

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