WWE Crown Jewel 2022: Brock Lesnar Defeated Bobby Lashley, But Lashley Stands Tall

Brock Lesnar Crown Jewel 2022
Image Credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar defeated Bobby Lashley in a surprising manner after being dominated by the Almighty at WWE Crown Jewel 2022. 

Bobby Lashlety didn’t wait for the match to start officially, and attacked Brock Lesnar outside the ring. He badly injured the knee of the beast as he pushed Lesnar into the steel steps. 

Lesnar finally gained momentum by hitting a german suplex to Lashley inside the ring. Soon, the beast managed to hit the F5, but Lashley kicked out of the pin. 

Bobby Lashley continued his offense. He dominated Lesnar almost the entire match, and it was quite a rare sight. Soon, he put Lesnar in a Hurt Lock and kept it for more than a minute. 

Lesnar countered the submission maneuver by pushing himself with the help of the turnbuckle and landed on top of Lashley. The latter wasn’t able to move because of Lesnar’s weight, and the referee counted the pin. 

However, it seems like the rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley is far from over as Lashley put Lesnar into the Hurt Lock again after the match, and left the beast gasping for breath inside the ring. 

Right before defending the US title against Seth Rollins on RAW episode of October 10, Lashley took the names of the people he had already defeated, and the list included the name of Brock Lesnar as well. Incidentally, Lesnar was present on RAW that day and instantly appeared to confront Lashley.

Lesnar brutally attacked Lashley, which ultimately cost him the US title. The following week, Lashley challenged Lesnar to return and face him again. Weeks after weeks, both these superstars got involved in several ugly brawls, which set the stage for the clash of these powerhouses at Crown Jewel 2022 event.

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