Bianca Belair Retained Raw Women’s Title against Bayley at Extreme Rules 2022

Bianca Belair & Bayley at Extreme rules 2022
Image Credit: WWE

Bianca Belair climbed to the top and grabbed the Raw women’s title to win the first-ever women’s ladder match against Bayley at Extreme Rules 2022

Belair overcame all the odds, and even handled the WWE women’s tag-team champions Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai by herself to retain her title. 

Both the women tried to reach the championship from the beginning of the match. However, Bianca was the first one who got up there after hitting KOD to Bayley. 

However, she was stopped by Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai. But, the EST of WWE fought both of them and hit them with a KOD at the same time. 

Soon, both of them were on top of the ladder, but Bayley used Bianca’s braid to get her off the ladder. Bianca used the same to attack Bayley and brought her down. 

After that Belair hit Bayley with another KOD on the top of a ladder. It prevented Bayley from standing and Bianca climbed the ladder to get her title. 

Bianca Belair successfully defeated Becky Lynch at SummerSlam 2022, and right after her match, she was confronted by the returning Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky.

The trio formed a group named Damage Control who even defeated Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss in a six-woman tag-team match at Clash at the Castle. 

Bayley won the match for her team by pinning Belair. As a result, she demanded an opportunity for the Raw women’s title and challenged Belair for a ladder match at Extreme Rules PPV which the latter accepted. 

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