Why Was Becky Lynch vs Bayley Match Scrapped from RAW 30?

Becky Lynch vs Bayley WWE RAW January 23 2023

The fans were left disappointed with Becky Lynch vs Bayley Steel Cage match being scrapped from the 30th Anniversary episode of WWE RAW on January 23, 2023.

As it unfolded, Becky Lynch was attacked by Damage CTRL’s Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky as she made her way into the steel cage towards Bayley. Bayley also joined her Damage CTRL buddies in attacking Becky. They took Becky into the cage, locked it from the inside and started beating her up.

When WWE Official Adam Pearce used a cutter to cut the chain in order to open the door, Becky was in no state to compete in a match and it was scrapped. The online reaction to this angle was not very positive after a great first hour of the 30th Anniversary episode of WWE RAW. However, it seems that time crunch was the main reason behind this match being scrapped rather than storyline reasons.

Fightful Select reported that the steel cage match and entrances were supposed to get two segments on the show. However, the opening segment where The Bloodline hold The Tribal Court with Sami Zayn ended up going long. To cover up the lost time, WWE trimmed down several segments.

Fightful reports that it was the same reasons that affected Bayley vs Becky steel cage match. WWE was left with either to do an angle to postpone this match or finish it up in a minute or two. The company went with the first option.

It can be argued that WWE could have opted to cut down other segments and vignettes rather than cutting down this match. However, this seems to be a decision taken down in a hurry. It remains unknown if and when this steel cage match will be rescheduled.

Not only this, it seems that the main event match between Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley also suffered a bit due to time crunch. The match went into a commercial twice in quick succession before ending quickly with Brock Lesnar attacking both men before the finish.

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