AEW Dynamite Results October 12, 2022- Jericho v Danielson 3

AEW Dynamite October 12 2022
Chris Jericho vs Bryan Danielson 3, AEW Dynamite October 12, 2022, Image Credits – AEW

AEW Dynamite comes to Canada for the first time on October 12, 2022, which will feature the third clash between Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson with ROH World Championship on the line.

The show will feature another rematch as PAC defends All Atlantic Championship against Orange Cassidy. Jungle Boy gets his hands on former tag team partner Luchasaurus in a grudge match. Toni Storm teams up with Hikaru Shida to take on Dr. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter.

Billy Gunn will return to in-ring action against Shane “Swerve” Strickland. What will we see next from MJF? Will Kenny Omega return as AEW makes its Canada debut?

Know everything as we post results from AEW Dynamite October 12, 2022 episode with live updates, winners, highlights, videos and complete action.


  • Luchasaurus defeated Jungle Boy in a singles match via pinfall.
  • WardJoe(Samoa Joe & Wardlow) defeated Nightmare Factory(QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto)
  • Shane “Swerve” Strickland defeated Billy Gunn in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Chris Jericho(c) defeated Bryan Danielson in a singles match via pinfall to retain ROH World Championship.
  • Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida defeated Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy defeated PAC(c) in a singles match via pinfall to win AEW All Atlantic Championship.

Live Updates

Renee Paquette makes her AEW debut to open the show. She brings out Christian Cage. Christian gaurantees a win for Luchasaurus tonight before taking a shot at the hometown sports team. Luchasaurus makes his entrance. Jungle Boy follows up with his entrance.

Jungle Boy vs Luchasaurus

JB starts with a dropkick. Luchasaurus throws him to the corner. JB ducks and hits shots at the body. JB hits another dropkick to send Luchasaurus to the ropes. He stomps on the back before coming out to take another punch from the floor. Luchasaurus catches him with a German suplex. Luchasaurus sets him up on the top and nails an uppercut. He sets up a table at ringside. JB tries to fight back but Luchasaurus slams him into the ring post. Luchasaurus misses a slap against the post. JB works on the arm against the post before kicking it. Luchasaurus throws him into the barricade. We cut to a break.

Jungle Boy avoids a spear in the corner and Luchasaurus crashes into the turnbuckle. JB goes for a suicide dive but Luchasaurus catches him. He goes for a chokeslam but JB counters with a hurricanrana to send Luchasaurus into the ringpost. Luchasaurus fights him on the apron. Jungle Boy jumps over him and hits a sunset flip powerbomb to put Luchasaurus through the table. Christian gets up from the announce table. Jungle Boy gets distracted for a while. Luchasaurus recovers and starts dropping JB move after move. He hits a clothesline and a body slam to get a two-count. Luchasaurus takes him on the top turnbuckle. JB slips down and hits a chop block to trip Luchasaurus on the top.

Luchasaurus counters with a headscissors takedown. Luchasaurus hits him with a chokeslam with his left hand as his right hand is injured. JB kicks out of the pin. Luchasaurus tries to pick him up. JB hammers down on his right arm to counter. JB takes him down with a crucifix bomb to get a near fall. Jungle Boy hits kill switch but it takes some time for him to roll over Luchasaurus and he kicks out. Jungle Boy puts on the Snear Trap. Luchasaurus drags to the ropes to break it. Jungle Boy gets distracted by Christian again. He goes to the top and Luchasaurus pulls him down with a chokeslam. Luchasaurus hits a Death Valley Driver to get the pin.

Winner – Luchasaurus

Renee is with The Firm backstage. Matt Hardy is angry as he comes in with Private Party. It is revealed that The Firm has purchased Private Party’s contracts. Hardy wants to fight but Ethan Page challenges Isiah Kassidy to face him on Rampage. He adds the stipulation that if Kassidy wins, Private Party is free from The Firm, but if Page wins, Matt Hardy’s contract will also be under The Firm.

QT Marshall is out with Nick Comoroto and is making fun of Wardlow and Samoa Joe. AEW TNT Champion Wardlow comes out followed by ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe.

WardJoe(Samoa Joe & Wardlow) vs Nightmare Factory(QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto)

Wardlow throws Aaron Solo off the apron as he tries to interfere. Joe and Wardlow take the upperhand in the opening brawl. Wardlow fights Comoroto on the floor. Joe sets up QT on the top rope and unloads on him. Comoroto tries to catch him from behind but Joe deals with him. QT jumps from the top but Joe easily sidesteps. Wardlow tags in and hits a big lariat on QT. Comoroto tags in. Wardlow hits him with a body slam after stopping his attack. Wardlow hits a spinebuster. Joe tags in to put him in the Coquina Clutch to get the submission.

Winner – WardJoe

After the match, Samoa Joe picks QT and throws him to Wardlow to hit him with a powerbomb. Wardlow was going for another powerbomb when The Embassy comes out. Brian Cage says they do not want WardJoe to stick their nose into their business like they did last week with FTR. FTR comes out now. Dax Harwood reveals that they have a perfect partner to face The Embassy at Rampage. FTR brings out Shawn Spears. Spears throws Aaron Solow into the ring and FTR hits him with Big Rig.

Tony Schiavone is with Chris Jericho, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker. Parker rants against Bryan Danielson to break their happy family. Jericho says Daniel Garcia is a family to them and Danielson forced him to attack Garcia. Jericho says he will outwrestle Danielson tonight.

Billy Gunn vs Shane “Swerve” Strickland

The crowd is singing, “Oh! Scissor Me Daddy!” Gunn puts on a side headlock. Swerve pushes him to the ropes and Gunn hits a shoulder tackle. Gunn hits another tackle and twerks to tease Swerve. Swerve comes back with a quick move and hits him with a dropkick from the apron, which lands a bit low. We cut to a break.

Swerve takes a shot at Gunn’s left leg which got injured with the dropkick before the break. Swerve pushes Gunn to the floor and hits him with a diving knee drop on the same leg. Swerve hits several punches as Gunn returns to the apron. Gunn counters with a body slam. Gunn himself is down after that move. They get up and Gunn hits clotheslines and a jackhammer. Swerve avoids fameasser. Swerve hits flatliner and Swerve Stomp to get a near fall. Gunn avoids a dropkick. Gunn goes to drop Swerve, but Swerve puts him in a crucifix near the ropes and holds onto the ropes to get the pin.

Winner – Shane “Swerve” Strickland

The Acclaimed come out after the match to check on Gunn. They were about to scissor when Mark Sterling and Tony Nese interrupt them. Sterling says he has an important piece of paper which says he has trademarked “Scissor Me.” Sterling says he forbids Acclaimed from scissoring and all of their Shirt Sales goes to him. Sterling says he has a proposition for them, but he will reveal it later.

MJF is getting interviewed backstage but he gets interrupted by Stokeley Hathaway. MJF is clearly frustrated by Hathaway. He tells him to take a timeout and that it is strike number two for him after the Firm interfered last week against his orders. MJF talks about William Regal and Wheeler Yuta. MJF says he does not know if was going to shake hands with Yuta last week. MJF says nice guys finish last. He adds that half of roster and most of the audiences wishes him dead. But he will be a World Champion by hook or by crook.

Will Page Become the Next World Champion?

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he brings out AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Moxley says men of all shapes and sizes have come to try and take him down, but he is still here as the World Champion. A lot of guys reach there and crumble under the pressure. He says World Champion does not have a luxury of being anxious, self doubt, and needs to be ruthless and unbaised. Adam Page comes out now and asks for the mic from Moxley. Moxley hands him the mic. Page says it meant the world to him when Moxley said he respects Page. Page says he respects Moxley also as he is a hell of a wrestler, person, father…

MJF is sitting in the Skybox. Page says Moxley shattered his illusion when he called him a nice kid. Moxley says that’s what he thinks about Page. Moxley says Page is not the same guy that knocked him out from the top of a 20 feet ladder. Page replies that he might not be same guy after hesitating in May which cost him the World title, losing Trios title match, and his best friends disappearing. He is frustrated and depressed and medicine is not working. He has also brought in a new life into this world just like Moxley. Page gets mad and says he will beat up Moxley next week as he regrets that he let the World title slip away. Page gives his word that he will be the next World Champion, and unlike MJF, he wanted to tell this to Moxley face to face.

Chris Jericho(c) vs Bryan Danielson – ROH World Championship

Jericho offers the Code of Honor handshake. Bryan kicks away his hand. Jericho hits uppercuts. Jericho answers with chops. Bryan catapults him to the floor after countering his dropkick. Bryan hits a tope suicida on the floor. Back to the ring, Jericho hits a chop before Bryan hits a headbutt to set him in the corner for several punches. Jericho fires in multiple chops and unloads in the corner himself. Bryan comes back with chops and sidekicks. More chops from Jericho. He gets on the top turnbuckle to unload with more punches before hitting a hurricanrana from the top.

Bryan hits a tackle and a shot at the back as we return. Jericho hits a DDT before hitting a springboard dropkick on the apron. Bryan trips him on the top turnbuckle. He hits an avalanche butterfly suplex. Bryan puts on the Labell lock. Matt Menard and Angelo Parker come to the ringside and hype Jericho. Jericho counters and puts on Liontamer(Boston Crab). Bryan rolls him over to break free. He unloads with elbows to midsection. Bryan puts on Liontamer himself. Jericho also breaks free and gets a two-count. Bryan hits a roundhouse kick to get a close two-count. Bryan hits hammer elbows on Jericho’s neck. Jericho picks him up and hits Death Valley Driver to get a two-count.

Jericho misses the Lionsault. Bryan hits a leaping knee from the top twice back to back. Jericho counters the third one with Codebreaker to get a near fall. A series of counters from both men and the referee gets knocked out. Jericho and Bryan drop each other with clothesline at the same time. Menard throws in ROH World title belt to Jericho. Jericho waits for Bryan to get up. Daniel Garcia comes out and takes the belt away from Jericho. Bryan hits Jericho with Busaika Knee. Garcia runs Bryan over with the ROH title. The referee is thrown into the ring. Jericho drags over Bryan to get the pin.

Winner – Chris Jericho

Renee is with Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero backstage. Nyla Rose claims that possesion is law and she is the TBS Champion. Anna Jay AS comes in to challenge Nyla to show her what a real champion looks like. Nyla asks her to show up on Friday to get A.S.S whooped.

Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida

A quick back-and-forth start to the match. Hayter and Baker get the upper hand to take us to a break.

We return to see Shida getting a hot tag against Baker. Shida blocks a forearm with strikes of her own and hits a jumping knee. Shida rains down rights from the second rope. Hayter stops her but eats a big right and a superplex. Shida then hits a suplex on Baker on top of Shida. Shida next hits a Meteora from the second rope. Baker blocks Katana kick. Hayter slams Shida to the mat.

Toni hits a kick to Hayter. Baker hits a neckbreaker on Toni. Shida tries to fight back against Hayter and Baker but Baker ends up hitting her with the curbstomp. Storm breaks the pin. Storm throws Hayter to the floor. Shida and Storm take down Baker with attack in tandem. Storm hits Storm Zero on Baker but Hayter breaks the pin. Storm takes Hayter to the floor. Baker counters Shida for a two-count. They counter each other’s pin attempts before Shida gets the pin.

Winner – Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida

PAC(c) vs Orange Cassidy – AEW All Atlantic Championship

Cassidy misses the Orange punch right after the bell. PAC hits spinning kicks. PAC continues to be in control for a while. Cassidy is on his knees and mocks PAC by putting his hands in his pocket and invites attack. PAC takes free shots at him. Cassidy hits a dropkick with his hands in his pocket. PAC catches him as he was going for a suicide dive. PAC hits a brainbuster on the floor to take us to a break.

PAC had hit Tombstone Piledriver on the ramp as we were returning from the break. PAC takes the referee back to the ring to start countdown. Cassidy is scrambling to make it to the ring. He makes it in at 9. PAC immediately puts on the Brutalizer. Cassidy was about to sleep but musters energy to get his leg to the rope to break Brutalizer. Cassidy pushes PAC to the floor after he hesitates. Cassidy hits a DDT on the floor and one in the ring. He hits Orange punch to get a near fall. PAC moves to the apron to avoid a move from the top. PAC catches him with a kick on the apron.

Cassidy hits Beach Break on the apron. PAC gets him on his shoulder as Cassidy goes for Orange punch again. PAC hits him with a suplex and puts on the Brutalizer again. Cassidy gets his legs on the ropes. PAC goes to pick up the timekeeper’s hammer. Danhausen stops him and curses the hammer. PAC nails him with a punch. The referee takes away the hammer from PAC. PAC takes another hammer and gets into the ring. Cassidy catches him with Orange punch. Cassidy picks up the hammer but the referee talks to him to not use it. Cassidy is conflicted over it and screams to get his frustration out. Cassidy hits two Orange punches back to back to get the pin.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

Best Friends come out to celebrate the title win with Orange Cassidy. They do the Best Friends Hug as pyro and confetti fire up to close the show.

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