205 Live Results- 12 March 2019: Cruiserweight Championship Semifinal

Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Semifinal
Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament Semifinal

This week’s 205 Live featured the semifinal matches of the Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament.

Drew Gulak opens the show with a promo where he refutes Tony Nese claims that things are going to be different this year since he is still wrestling Drew who has beaten Tony in all of their matches.
Tony Nese has a counter promo and says he can’t make any mistakes or his opponent will capitalize on it. He will not give up, and if Gulak thinks he owns Tony Nese, he doesn’t know a thing about him.
Oney Lorcan also gets a promo where he says he has no ill will to Humberto Carrillo but Drake Maverick knew what he was getting when he brought him in. Now it is Cedric Alexander turn, and he is going to put down the soul of 205 Live.
Cedric Alexander finishes things off saying that the Cruiserweight division could very well belong to Oney Lorcan one day, but today is not that day. He’s still here and the road to WrestleMania runs through him.

Buddy Murphy also gets a promo where he congratulates the semifinalists and praises them all over before saying no matter who wins because You just can’t stop the unstoppable.

Cedric Alexander beats Oney Lorcan by pinfall with the Lumbar Check to advance to the finals of Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament. This was tremendous match with back and forth action throughout the match. Lorcan seemed to have won after a Nelson Suplex from the top rope but Alexander kicked out of the pin. Alexander got the win after hitting Lumber check.

Mike and Maria Kanellis are backstage complaining to Drake Maverick about his lack of respect last week throwing Colby Corino out against him. He says he’s not just happy to be here and he deserves better. Maverick says next week he’ll have a special opponent, but he better win because the 205 Live brand doesn’t have room for losers, and Kanellis is going to have to step up and do something other than looking good in defeat.

Promo from Ariya Daivari. He says that he’s not in the championship tournament because he was handcuffed to talents that were lesser than him. He promises that in the next year, he is going to cause havoc at every turn.

Tony Nese beats Drew Gulak by pinfall to advance to the finals of Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament. Another great match as usual from 205 Live. The match started with some grappling and slowly settled into rhythm but even then both were able to counter many moves from each other. Gulak locked Nese in the Gu-Lock but Nese countered using the rope pushed himself over Gulak to get the pin.

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