UFC Debuts 2022 | List of UFC Debutants in 2022


UFC is the most widely known MMA promotion in the world and making a UFC debut is one of the biggest achievements for an MMA fighter. Although UFC has been very selective in boarding fighters, the promotion still adds many fighters to the UFC roster every year. In 2022 itself, UFC has added more than 50 new fighters to its roster who have gone on to make their debuts.

Check below for the complete list of UFC Debutants in the year 2022.

A.J. Fletcher12-Mar-22UFC Fight Night 203
AJ Dobson12-Feb-22UFC 271
Aliaskhab Khizriev26-Mar-22UFC on ESPN 33
André Fialho22-Jan-22UFC 270
Ange Loosa16-Apr-22UFC on ESPN 34
Armen Petrosyan26-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 202
Askar Mozharov04-Jun-22UFC Fight Night 207
Azamat Murzakanov12-Mar-22UFC Fight Night 203
C.J. Vergara07-May-22UFC 274
Caio Borralho16-Apr-22UFC on ESPN 34
Cameron VanCamp07-May-22UFC 274
Carlos Candelario14-May-22UFC on ESPN 36
Carlos Hernandez26-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 202
Chad Anheliger19-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 201
Chidi Njokuani05-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 200
Christian Rodriguez19-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 201
Daniel Argueta04-Jun-22UFC Fight Night 207
Daniel Santos09-Apr-22UFC 273
Dean Barry23-Apr-22UFC Fight Night 205
Denis Tiuliulin26-Mar-22UFC on ESPN 33
Denys Bondar05-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 200
Emily Ducote16-Jul-22UFC on ABC 3
Evan Elder23-Apr-22UFC Fight Night 205
Fernie Garcia07-May-22UFC 274
Gadzhi Omargadzhiev16-Apr-22UFC on ESPN 34
Genaro Valdéz22-Jan-22UFC 270
Hayisaer Maheshate11-Jun-22UFC 275
Jack Della Maddalena22-Jan-22UFC 270
Jailton Almeida05-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 200
Jake Hadley14-May-22UFC on ESPN 36
Jasmine Jasudavicius22-Jan-22UFC 270
Javid Basharat12-Mar-22UFC Fight Night 203
Jay Perrin19-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 201
Joanderson Brito15-Jan-22UFC on ESPN 32
Joseph Holmes15-Jan-22UFC on ESPN 32
Josh Fremd09-Apr-22UFC 273
Karine Silva04-Jun-22UFC Fight Night 207
Kleydson Rodrigues07-May-22UFC 274
Manuel Torres14-May-22UFC on ESPN 36
Martin Buday16-Apr-22UFC on ESPN 34
Michael Morales22-Jan-22UFC 270
Mike Malott09-Apr-22UFC 273
Mike Mathetha12-Feb-22UFC 271
Muhammad Mokaev19-Mar-22UFC Fight Night 204
Natália Silva18-Jun-22UFC on ESPN 37
Nikolas Motta19-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 201
Pete Rodriguez22-Jan-22UFC 270
Piera Rodríguez09-Apr-22UFC 273
Ramona Pascual26-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 202
Rinat Fakhretdinov14-May-22UFC on ESPN 36
Saimon Oliveira22-Jan-22UFC 270
Tatsuro Taira14-May-22UFC on ESPN 36
Tresean Gore05-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 200
Trey Ogden16-Apr-22UFC on ESPN 34
Viacheslav Borshchev15-Jan-22UFC on ESPN 32
Victor Altamirano26-Feb-22UFC Fight Night 202
Victor Henry22-Jan-22UFC 270

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