UFC 288: Belal Muhammad vs Gilbert Burns Live Blog, Play by Play

Belal Muhammad vs Gilbert Burns UFC 288
Credits – UFC

Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns face off in the co-main event of UFC 288 PPV in a welterweight bout, and we will be here with live updates from the fight.

The fight was arranged just three weeks back when Beniel Dariush vs Charles Oliveira bout was canceled from the event. That is why it is more amazing to see that it is a 5-round bout. Muhammad is currently at #4 position in the welterweight rankings while Burns is at #5. The winner of this fight is assured a title shot after Colby Covington challenges Leon Edwards later this year.

Muhammad is on a 9-fights unbeaten streak since April 2019. He was last active at UFC 280 to beat Sean Brady. He also has recent wins over top ranked opponents like Vincente Luque. Burns is fighting in his third bout this year. He first beat Neil Magny at UFC 283 before returning to beat Jorge Masvidal in Miami at UFC 287 just 4 weeks back. Which man is better prepared for this bout?

Join us in the live blog to find out as we post live play-by-play and round-by-round updates from Belal Muhammad vs Gilbert Burns wetlerweight co-main event bout at UFC 288 PPV.

Live Updates


We are getting the video package for this fight now. Burns walks out first. He is in yellow trunks. Muhammad is in green trunks as he comes out. Bruce Buffer gets the announcements done. Keith Peterson is the referee. We are ready to go now.

Round 1

Both men are keeping their distance to start. Burns gets a right jab after 30 seconds. Belal hits back with a jab. They trade calf kicks. Belal keeps switching his stance and moving constantly. Burns lands one on the body. Belal lands a few straight lefts. More movements and les strikes from both sides. Burns lands a combo. Belal also fires a couple of jabs. Burns lands a body kick and a right hand. He lands another right before goes back to keep his distance.

Burns hits a high kick. He lands another high kick. Belal fire back with a body kick. Burns counters with a takedown but Belal blocks it. Belal hits back with another body kick. Burns blocks a front kick. Belal lands an inside calf kick. Burns lands a left kick but Belal hits back with a left punch to stagger Burns. Burns recovers quickly though and hits back with some jabs. Belal catches his leg on a body kick but can not capitalize. Belal lands a high kick in the last few seconds of the round.

Round 2

Belal once again switching his stance quickly to start the round. He lands a calf kick before a body kick. Burns almost catches his leg. Burns lands a punch after advancing but Belal lands a counter left quickly. Belal hits a high kick. He keeps switching his stance. Belal blocks a combo. Burns pierces his defense and lands a right. Belal lands a body shot.

Burns hits a punch and Belal has to move back a bit to regroup. A stiff body kick from Belal as we enter the fourth minute. Belal has landed all of his kicks so far. Belal lands a kick to his ribs. Burns tries to counter but can not land anything. Belal misses a high kick. Burns has an opportunity for a big shot but Belal is quick to recover and not allow him anything. Low leg kicks from both sides. Belal lands a jab before the final 10 seconds.

Round 3

Burns starts with an outside calf kick. Belal throws a punch. More kicks from Burns before he catches Belal with a low blow. Belal is now pushing Burns towards the cage a bit more. Burns is not throwing any jabs. Belal lands a right jab. He lands a body kick after a few seconds. Burns lands a calf kick and follows up with an overhead punch. A few seconds goes withtout any action. Burns closes the guard when Belal goes for a few punches.

Belal lands a high kick. He pushes Burns to the corner but Burns fires back with his jabs. Belal hits a big kick to his ribs. Constant switching of stance continues. Belal lands another high kick before he lands a punch. Burns hits back with a combo of punches. Belal lands a kick to his shoulder. Another kick to the shoulder from Belal as we enter the last minute. Burns is not attempting many strikes. Belal hits more kicks to ribs and shoulders. Burns tries to fire some shots to end the round. It seems that he has some injury. Boos from the crowd for Burns as the round ends.

Round 4

Burns starts with an inside calf kick. Belal throws in jab to push him back. Belal lands a right kick to body. Burns advances but cannot land. Belal lands a few jabs. Burns fires double jab from his right now. Belal lands more left kicks. More jabs from Belal. Burns fires a right kick and Belal is able to block it partially. Belal lands a jab combo. Burns fires a kick. He goes for a single leg but Belal gets away. Burns lands a big right to stagger Belal a bit.

Belal fires more jabs. Belal now lands a few right kicks to Burns’ left shoulder a few times, which seems to be the injury. Belal seems to be in control but there is not frentic strikes. Belal hits more right kicks to the shoulder. Burns is so far able to avoid being cornered. He lands a big right to wake up Belal. Belal pushes Burns back with a combo of jabs. The crowd is booing Burns once again at the end of the round.

Round 5

We are in final round and Burns is able to make it to the final round despite an injury. Belal lands a high left kick. Burns throws a jab. He ducks a swing and goes for a takedown but has to get back quickly. Belal lands more jabs. Burns lands some jabs but it is Belal who is landing more shots and is more in control. They both land a jab at the same time. Belal catches Burns with a counter right. Belal lands a high left kick. Burns goes low and is almost able to trip Belal. Burns lands a body kick. Burns lands a right but Belal lands a counter right. Belal hits more and more jabs now. Burns tries to catch him in the counter. Belal ducks a swing. Some kicks from Belal. He lands an uppercut. He hits a bodykick next. The final few seconds end with just some high kicks from Belal.

Official Decision

Belal Muhammad won via unanimous decision(50-45, 50-45, 50-45).

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