David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant Live Blog Play by Play Updates

Caleb Plant vs David Benavidez

David Benavidez and Caleb Plant clashed to headline a PPV card on March 25, 2023, after their heated rivalry, and we were here with a live play-by-play blog.

David Benavidez, interim WBC World Super Middleweight Champion, was in his 27th fight and remained undefeated heading into it. 23 of his 26 wins had come via knockout. He is a two-time champion in the division but his title was taken both times due to other factors. He won the interim title in May 2022 by beating David Lemieux via quick knockout in the third round.

Caleb Plant was also looking to get back on the path to become a champion once again. Plant, 22-1, was the IBF champion of the division from the start of 2019 to November 2021 with 3 successful defences. Then, he ran into Canelo Alvarez during his mission to become undisputed and lost. He had since knocked out Anthony Dirrell. But, was that be enough to get his confidence back?

Tune in to below for live updates from David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant bout with play-by-play and round-by-round updates.

Live Updates


The ring is being prepared for the main event. We hear previous comments from Benavidez and Plant. Benavidez comes out first despite being the “A” side.

Plant walks out with some mixed reactions from the crowd.


Jimmy Lennon Jr. introduces both fighters. Kenny Bayless is the referee. Plant and Benavidez refuse to touch gloves before the fight despite the assistance from the referee.

Round 1

Plant pushes Benavidez back in the first few seconds. Benavidez reaches out with a jab on the body. He backs off a bit as Plant tries to charge. Benavidez attempts more jabs to the body. Plant lands a few jabs on his arm. Benavidez blocks a few jabs with his arm. Plant gets into a clinch half way into the round. The referee breaks them up quickly. Plant lands a left hook and Benavidez counters with a shot on the body. A left jab from Plant lands on Benavidez’s face. Benavidez goes for a jab and Plant counters with a jab again as the round ends.

Round 2

Benavidez reaches out with jab but Plant fires some quick lefts and rights before going back to distance. Benavidez lands a couple of swings on the body. Plant lands quick lefts to get into an exchange. Plant gets into a clinch to blocks Benavidez. Plant continues to fires some shots on the body but Benavidez blocks them with his arms. Benavidez tries to corner him but Plant gets out quickly. Benavidez starts to push Plant back before Plant once again goes to the body. A right from Plants lands on Benavidez’s face before he gets into a clinch again. Plant lands a good combo and manages to escape body shots as the round ends.

Round 3

Plant once again starts with quick body shots. Benavidez lands a right but Plant fires some counter shots. Both fighters land big shots. Benavidez lands a left to stun him and Plant gets into a clinch before the referee resets. Plant fires body shots before Benavidez ducks a swing and lands an uppercut on the body. Benavidez pushes Plant back after some more body shots from Plant. Plant lands a left hook before he resets. Plant keeps moving in the final few seconds. Benavidez lands a body shot to close the round. First clear round for Benavidez.

Round 4

Plant once again fires body shots to start the round. He tries to pearce Benavidez’s defense to get to his face but fails. Benavidez is pushing him to the ropes again and again but Plant keeps moving to avoid getting cornered. Plant manages to sneak in a jab. Benavidez is starting to land some body shots now. Plants connects a left hook but Benavidez is quick to counter. Plant fires more quick shots in the final seconds but Benavidez takes them on the arm.

Round 5

Plant pushes Benavidez back to the ropes with some left hooks and jabs. Benavidez lands a right before Plant closes the distance. Plant is implementing his strategy in nice manner as he gets into a clinch as soon as Benavidez starts to create momentum. Benavidez manages to corner him and lands big body shots. Plant mocks Benavidez in between rounds. Benavidez blocks jabs in the final seconds.

Round 6

Benavidez starts this round on the aggressive. He lands a couple of shots to Plant’s face he tries to get into the clinch. Benavidez is now able to land his punches and for the first round, Plant is unable to counter. Benavidez lands more shots. Plant has managed to dodge or block many of them. Benavidez connects on the face as the last minute starts. Plant goes for more body shots. Benavidez tries to counter with a punch on the face. Plant is trying to escape in the final few seconds.

Round 7

Benavidez tries to fire in shots. Plant goes for more body shots. Benavidez catches Plant with some good shots and Plant looks a bit hurt just as the second minute starts. Plant gets into a clinch. They reset halfway in the round and Plant is able to counter right. Benavidez rakes in some more good punches. Plant tries to get on a combo. They tangle close to end the round.

Round 8

Not much action in the first minute. Benavidez connects a left hook just at the start of second minute. Benavidez batters Plant woth some body shots and makes some momentum. Benavidez pushes Plant to the ropes with more punches. The referee resets them and Benavidez once again pushes him to the ropes with more punches. The referee pauses the fight and gets Plant checked by the doctor. Benavidez batters him with more punches to the face and walks down Plant for the rest of the round.

Round 9

Plant lands a low blow just as the round starts. The referee pauses the fight and gives Plant a warning. Benavidez looks for a body shot but Plant counters. Plant is countering Benavidez now, unlike the last round. Benavidez is still able to land lefts and rights. Plant tries to get into a clinch but Benavidez keeps throwing his punches. Plant tries to up the ante but he fails to hurt Benavidez. Benavidez snucks in a right jab. Benavidez fires in some hooks and uppercuts as the final 40 seconds start. Plant is trying to get into the clinch again and again but Benavidez does not allow him and lands some hooks and uppercuts in the process.

Round 10

Benavidez is looking better and better now. Plant gets into a clinch before the referee resets. Benavidez is starting to wear down Plant with more and more shots. Benavidez is walking down Plant with ease. Plant is not able to coutner much. Benavidez is throwing his punches all over Plant’s body. The referee resets again and Plant was trying to stick himself to Benavidez’s body. Benavidez lands uppercuts to the body. Plant is not showing any sort of movement as he was during the first half of the body. Top stuff from Benavidez.

Round 11

I would be surprised if Plant survives this round. Plant starts the round with some urgency. He goes for some shots on the arm. Benavidez keeps hitting his punches. He hurts Plant with a big left hook. Plant gets into the clinch. Plant tries to up the pace of his shots now. Benavidez is picking and choosing his shots. Plant fires some shots on the arm before Benavidez pummels his face. Benavidez lands a big left hook. Plant gets into a clinch and the referee separates them quickly. Plant tries to fire on the body but Benavidez counters. Benavidez then lands a big right near the end of the round.

Round 12

They touch the gloves now to start the final round. Plant is trying to summon all his energy as he tries to throw quick left and rights. Benavidez lands one good punch to stop him in his tracks. Benavidez lands more shots. Plant fires more quick shots. Benavidez is putting pressure with his shots once again. Plant is in survival mode half way into the round. Benavidez is just picking and choosing his shots for the next minute. Plant is trying to leave it all in the ring in the final 30 seconds. Benavidez is able to deal with it with ease.

Official Decision

David Benavidez won via unanimous decision(115-113, 116-112, 117-111)

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