WWE RAW Results- 6 January 2020: Lesnar Royal Rumble Announcement

Aleister Black vs Shelton Benjamin

Black ducks a kick from Benjamin right after the bell. He rolls up the opponent for a quick two-count and then sits down in the ring in his signature pose. Shelton slides into a headlock but Black counters into a submission. Benjamin picks him off the mat before dropping him on his back. Black hits a series of precision strikes and Benjamin answers back with a kick to the head. Black nails him with a knee to the face and Black Mass for the pin and the win.

Winner- Aleister Black

Buddy Murphy attacks Black after the match and beats him down at ringside. He drills Black with a running knee before he grabs a chair from under the ring. He knees the chair in Black’s face. He sits on the barricade and watches the officials call for help. The rivalry continues.

Seth Rollins and AOP vs Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Big Show

Seth Rollins and The Authors of Pain comes out first and hit the ring. Rollins tells the fans that they have forced him into being the chosen one and The Monday Night Messiah. Kevin Owens comes out and Samoa Joe is out next. They stand at the ramp for their mystery partner. And it is the Big Show!!

The fans cheer Big Show enters the ring with Joe and Owens. Big Show starts for his team against Akam. Show overpowers him and drops him with a shoulder. Show drops Rezar off the apron and brings Rollins into the ring for a huge chop to his chest.

We return to see Joe backing Seth to the corner. Owens tags in and gets a two count with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Rezar knocks Owens off the top rope to allow Rollins to make a tag. KO spends a lot of time being double teamed in the enemy’s corner. KO gets a boot up in the corner but Rezar prevents a tag.

Owens nails him with a superkick and a clothesline before he finally makes the tag to Big Show. Rollins runs right into a clothesline from the giant. Rollins grabs a chair and hits Big Show to get his team disqualified. Big Show knocks Rollins out with a huge right hand. AOP drag him out of the ring. Joe, Big Show and Owens celebrate to end the show.

Raw Results Chronology

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