WWE RAW Results- 6 January 2020: Lesnar Royal Rumble Announcement

We return right as Rey dodges Andrade in the corner and El Idolo crashes to the floor. Mysterio follows up with a hurricanrana that sends Andrade into the barricade. Mysterio hits a snap sunset flip for a two count. They fight on the apron and Mysterio sends Andrade into the post with another sunset flip. Rey hits a leg drop for another two-count. He climbs back to the top turnbuckle but Andrade catches him for a facebuster and a near fall.

Mysterio gets Andrade into position and hits the 619. Vega helps Andrade out of the ring. Rey jumps off the apron and Andrade accidentally throws Rey into Vega. El Idolo rams Rey into the steps and rolls him back in. The ref calls off the Hammerlock DDT and Rey appears to be hurt. Mysterio rolls out of the ring and looks concerned for Vega. Andrade grabs Rey when he gets back into the ring for the Hammerlock DDT to get the pin and the win.

Winner- Andrade

After the match, Andrade rips Rey’s mask off.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. Owens says Rollins was right when he said they don’t play well with others but the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Joe needs him to watch his back just as much as he needs the same from Joe. Joe challenges Rollins and AOP for 3 on 3 match. Their third partner is a mystery.

Back from the break and Charly stops Seth Rollins and AOP to ask about the challenge from Samoa Joe. Rollins says he lives for challenges every day of his life and isn’t worried about the challenge. He says they are a united front and if anyone gets in the way, he and AOP will take care of them.

The Viking Raiders vs Street Profits vs The OC- RAW Tag Team Championship Match

We return to see Erik and Anderson kick things off. Erik gets the early advantage and slams Karl on his stomach. Ivar gets the tag and they hit a pair of knees for a two count. Dawkins tags himself in off of Ivar and puts Anderson in a headlock. Angelo nails him with a dropkick before he tags Ford to hit an even nicer dropkick. Ivar tags himself back in off of Anderson. Tez puts him in a headlock but Ivar pushes him away. Ford does a cartwheel into a backflip. They trade counters and cartwheels to come to a stalemate.

The OC breaks it up with a cheap shot to both men. Gallows tags himself in and takes it to Ford. Gallows hits a series of elbows to the collarbone and wears him down in a rear chinlock. Dawkins saves his partner and Anderson shoves him off the apron. Tez is forced to tag Erik. The powerhouse of The Viking Raiders gets in some offense on everyone. Ford tags himself in and gets hit with The Viking Experience. The OC breaks up the pin though.

We return to see Erik fighting out of a headlock from Gallows. The OC keeps him isolated with quick tags and double team moves. Erik finally makes the tag and Ivar runs over Anderson. Dawkins and Erik tag themselves him. Angelo takes out Ivar and launches Erik into the corner with a shoulder. He plants Erik with a bulldog and brings in Ford.

Anderson tags himself in and throws the Profits out of the ring. Ivar barely saves his partner from a pin. Everyone gets in the ring and start fighting. Ford goes for the suicide dive but wipes out Dawkins and Gallows. The Viking Raiders capitalize by hitting a powerbomb and splash combo for the pin and the win.

Winners- The Viking Raiders

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