WWE RAW Results- 6 January 2020: Lesnar Royal Rumble Announcement

The Wedding Un-ruined!

Back from the break and we see how the wedding of Lana and Bobby Lashley was crashed by Rusev and Liv Morgan. Lana and Bobby Lashley come to the ring where the wedding officiant is waiting for them. Lana says many people didn’t want them to get married last week but they are going to get married right there. The officiant goes on and pronounces them man and wife. They kiss.

Lana goes on about how she’s not happy at her own wedding day. And its the fault of everyone who doesn’t want to see them getting married. Lashley takes some shots at Rusev now before Rusev appears on the big screen with a background of a beach. Rusev says he has taken their honeymoon and is on the beach. He also gifts them a wedding album with the pictures from the ruined wedding. Rusev smiles and taunts them.

Lana screams at Rusev now and goes on about how much she hates Rusev. Lashley yells at her to shut her up. Lana is shocked obviously. Lashley says Rusev used to be a man but his ex-wife stripped him of his manhood. Lashley says if Rusev has any balls left, he’ll show up next week so Lashley can rip them off. Rusev yells back at him and tells him that next week will be the return of The Bulgarian Brute.

Back from the break and Charly Caruso is with WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. She asks about his record number of title reigns when Liv Morgan appears. Liv says since Lana will be in Lashley’s corner, she will be in Rusev’s.

Charlotte Flair vs Sarah Logan

Logan attacks Flair even before the bell rings. She rams her into the ring post and the action moves out of the ring. Charlotte turns it around outside the ring and sends Sarah into the barricade. They brawl for a bit in the crowd. Logan gets the upper hand and gets into the ring. She picks up Flair’s robe and slams it and defiles it with her boots. She throws it at Flair and goes to attack her as she tries to come inside the ring.

Flair hits a spear, taking Logan into the LED board around the ring. She rams her into the barricade again and continues to beat her down. Logan tries to attack her back but to no avail. Flair levels her with a big boot at the ringside. She asks the referee to bring her robe. She wears it before heading back as the referee checks on Logan. The match never started.

No Way Jose vs Drew McIntyre

McIntyre comes and takes out a few members of Jose’s conga line. When the bell rings, Jose goes right after him. Drew counters a leapfrog with a kick to the chest before he sends Jose flying with a suplex. Drew goes back out and attacks another guy from the conga line. Jose hits a boot to the face and a few punches. Drew hits the Future Shock DDT and kips up. He nails Jose with the Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

Post-match he asks the crowd if he should hit another Claymore and they want it, so he does. He gets on the mic and says he’s never had one opportunity to fight for the world title and that seems criminal. And since everyone is too scared to fight him, he’s gotta put himself in the Royal Rumble

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