WWE RAW Results 2 March 2020- AJ Styles vs Black, Tag Team Title Match

Charly Caruso is with Ruby Riott now. We see the replay from last week’s contract signing segment. Tonight Ruby will face Morgan with Sarah Logan as the special guest referee. Ruby says people don’t stay loyal in tag team and in a single competition, the only person she is responsible for is herself. She goes to Elimination Chamber, caring only for herself.

Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott – Sarah Logan As Guest Referee

Sarah Logan calls for the bell. Ruby charges and takes Liv to the corner. Liv hits a missile dropkick and a Hip Attack for a two-count. She keeps Ruby at the ground. Riott makes it to the bottom rope to break before shoving him into the corner. Ruby takes over control. She keeps beating Liv down. Liv fights out of the hold but Riott hits a knee and a few kicks.

Ruby and Logan have words now as Logan tries to keep things under control. Liv unloads and mounts offense with strikes. Ruby hits a Flatliner out of nowhere for a two-count. Ruby accidentally hits Logan with a kick. Ruby jumps on Liv and gets a near fall. Ruby starts arguing with Logan over the count now. Liv comes from behind and takes advantage by rolling up Ruby for the pin.

Winner- Liv Morgan

After the match, Ruby yells at Logan for a fast count. Liv dropkicks Ruby to the mat before Logan takes out Liv with a big running kick. Logan is smiling as she is the last one standing.

We see Randy Orton backstage. After the break, we see the replay of Edge’s return and the complete saga between him and Randy Orton from Royal Rumble to RAW next night.

No Way Jose and his congo line are running around backstage. They stop near Erick Rowan and asks him to show what’s in the cage. Rowan gets ready to show them. He brings out a big tarantula from the cage and the Congo line runs off scared. Rowan puts the tarantula back into the ring.

Shayna Baszler vs Kairi Sane

The Kabuki Warriors enter the ring Asuka and Kairi Sane cut a promo in Japanese. We hear the words Shayna Baszler, Elimination Chamber and that Asuka will go to WrestleMania to face Becky. Also, Sane is ready for Baszler. Shayna Baszler makes her entrance.

They circle each other for a while before Sane tries to grab Baszler’s legs. More circling and Sane goes for the waist hold. Baszler takes her to the ropes and twists the wrists. Asuka argues with Baszler and Sane rocks her with a slap. Sane hits a dropkick and shining wizard. She mocks Baszler by slapping her hips. Baszler is angry and takes down Sane with a spine buster like move.

She starts to get the strikes going on Sane one by one. Asuka is shouting at Baszler from the outside. Baszler sends Sane into the corner and hits a few kicks on her leg. Sane moves out of the ring for a breather. Baszler poses until Sane comes in. Sane hits a punch and sends Baszler to the apron. She goes for the hip attack but Baszler side steps and hits a knee to her face.

Back in the ring, Shayna manipulates Sane’s heel. She stomps on Sane’s legs brutally. Asuka is worried at the ringside and shouts at Baszler. Sane rolls up Baszler for one-count. Baszler takes her down again. Becky Lynch’s music hits and she comes out at the ramp. Baszler throws out Sane and calls Becky to come at her. Becky will be at the commentary.

Back from the break and Baszler rocks Sane as she was building momentum. Sane counters a suplex into a DDT. Becky is wearing Jerry Lawler’s crown at the announce table. Baszler and Sane trade strikes. Baszler kicks Sane. Sane catches a kick and drops Baszler. She hits a swinging neckbreaker and a running forearm.

Sane goes to the top for the InSane Elbow but Baszler kicks her. Baszler climbs up and hits the gutwrench superplex from the top but Sane still kicks out at two-count. Sane goes to the top for InSane elbow again but Baszler gets her feet up and nails the elbow. Baszler applies the Kirifuda Clutch for the submission win.

Winner- Shayna Baszler

After the match, Baszler stands tall as her music hits. Becky stands up at the announce table and raises the title in the air. Baszler applies the Kirifuda Clutch to Sane again. Becky continues running her mouth from the announce table as Baszler breaks the hold and exits the ring.

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