WWE RAW Results 2 March 2020- AJ Styles vs Black, Tag Team Title Match

AJ Styles comes out with The OC and heads to the ring. We see how The Undertaker won the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy Gauntlet Match at WWE Super ShowDown defeating AJ. AJ takes the mic and says he is not in a good mood. He should be out here with the trophy but Undertaker deprived him of that honor

AJ shows a video of Mark Wahlberg, who advises Styles to not mess with Undertaker, which was done to promote one of Wahlberg’s new movie. AJ says he’s on a collision course with Undertaker and wants him to consider his match against Black a warning. AJ says Undertaker is a legend who is trying to hold onto the spotlight that’s not his anymore. Aleister Black comes out for the match. He walks in slowly, selling the effects of last week’s beat down.

Aleister Black vs Karl Anderson

Styles switches the match and Karl Anderson will take his place. Black sends Anderson out of the ring after some rope work. He goes out and takes care of Gallows as he tries to interfere. Anderson is kicked on the head as we go to the break.

Anderson hits a spinebuster as we return. He takes Black in a headlock. Black fights out of it with few punches and a back elbow. He hits some quick moves including leg sweep and springboard moonsault. Black Mass is connected for the pin.

Winner- Aleister Black

Aleister Black vs Luke Gallows

AJ gets on the mic and now announces Black to face Luke Gallows. Gallows attacks Black from behind and sends him out. Black is rammed into things around the ring as Styles dances around joyfully.

Gallows throws Black into the ring and the bell rings. Black hits some big boots before Gallows catches him with a big kick of his own. Gallows continues to hit a few big blows as he put Black in a shoulder stretch. Black tries to fight out but is sent out of the ring as we head to another break.

After the break, Gallows continues to be in control. He takes Black to the corner and continues to stomp on him. The referee stops Gallows but he continues to stomp on Black. The referee calls the match DQ.

Winner- Aleister Black, by DQ

After the bell, The OC continue to beat up Black and hits the Magic Killer. Styles is now ready to take on Black.

AJ Styles vs Aleister Black

Aleister Black tells the referee he’s good to go as he stumbles to his feet. Fans chant for The Undertaker. The bell rings and Black swings at AJ Styles but he falls. AJ taunts Black and nails a flying clothesline in the corner.

The referee checks on Black again as he tries to pull himself up. AJ rocks him in the face. Black lands one strike but falls again. AJ runs into a kick. AJ is upset now. Black blocks a shot and mounts some strikes. AJ with a backbreaker. AJ with a big Brainbuster and more trash talking as fans boo him.

AJ goes to the apron to springboard in with the Phenomenal Forearm. AJ nails it and then mocks The Undertaker by crossing Black’s arms and pinning him like Taker pinned him at Super ShowDown.

Winner- AJ Styles

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