WWE NXT Results & Live Updates November 8, 2022

WWE NXT November 8 2022
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WWE NXT will return with another episode on Tuesday on November 8, 2022, and we will also be here as always with live results and updates from the show.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker will join Grayson Waller Effect with Von Wagner as their rivalry starts. Axiom will take on JD McDonagh in a singles match. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter will defend their NXT Women’s Championship against Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Starks.

JD McDonagh will take on Axiom while Charlie Dempsey will take on Andre Chase. Brutus Creed and Damon Kemp will clash in a 5-minute challenge match. We will get to know whether Alba Fyre gets another shot at Mandy Rose’s women’s title. Cameron Grimes will face Joe Gacy in a singles match once again.

Tune in below to get the complete results from WWE NXT episode of November 8, 2022, with live updates, highlights and videos.


  • Joe Gacy defeated Cameron Grimes in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Elektra Lopez defeated Sol Ruca in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Charlie Dempsey defeated Andre Chase in a singles match via corner stoppage.
  • Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo defeated Hunk Walker in a singles match via pinfall.
  • JD McDonagh defeated Axiom in a singles match via referee stoppage.
  • Damon Kemp defeated Brutus Creed in 5 Minutes Challenge match via disqualification.
  • Katana Chance & Kayden Carter(c) defeated Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons in a tag team match via pinfall to retain NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

Live Updates

Joe Gacy vs Cameron Grimes

Gacy has others from Schism with him. He also has a new ring gear and is now is trunks. Grimes starts hot with punches, hurricanrana and punches in corner. He continues with side kicks. Gacy reverses a whip and hits a corner splash to be followed by big blows. Grimes hits a crossbody. Gacy hits a modified arm drag to get a two-count. Grimes hits body punches. Gacy nails him with a big punch to counter. Grimes nails a big roundhouse kick to send Gacy to the floor. He follows up with a penalty kick. Schism surrounds Gacy as we cut to a break.

Gacy has Grimes in a chinlock as we return. Grimes hits body shot but Gacy hits him with a back elbow into a backbreaker. He unloads with big blows to the back of Grimes. Gacy puts on a crossface. Grimes gets to his feet as he starts to hulk up. Gacy hits a back body drop before Grimes counters with a Spanish Fly. He does not have the energy to go for a pin. Grimes stomps on Ried’s arm on the apron.

Grimes hits running forearms to Gacy, big boot to Ried, back body drop on Gacy, elbows Fowler off the apron and hits a hurricanrana on Gacy. Gacy slips to the floor but Grimes hits a suicide dive on Gacy, Fowler and Ried. Grimes goes to the top now. Fowler distracts the referee and Eva Raine pushes Grimes off the top to send him on the ropes. Gacy hits Upside Lowdown to get the pin.

Winner – Joe Gacy

We see Nathan Frazer coming out of medical room. Axiom is waiting for him outside. Frazer says it will a few more weeks before he can get cleared. JD McDonagh comes in and starts mocking the duo. McDonagh mocks Axiom by saying that this would not have happened if Axiom had defeated Frazer in their best of 3 series. Axiom takes offense and taunts him on missing in title matches. McDonagh retorts by saying that he would break Axiom.

We cut to Carmelo Hayes’ Cutwiz segment. Trick Williams tells him street are talking about his North American title loss. Hayes talks about how he elevated the title, and he was only pinned by one person – Solo Sikoa. He puts on some respect Wes Lee’s name as he recovered from injury to win the NA title. He says Lee would have to defeat him to become a legitimate champion. Hayes says next week they sign a contract for North American title and will have the match in two weeks.

The lights suddenly turns off and a message from Scrypts gets on the screen. He says everything will break when he arrives to NXT.

Sol Ruca vs Elektra Lopez

They lock up and Lopez slams Ruca to the mat face first. Ruca does the same before some arugment between them. Ruca hits a bulldog next. Lopez moves to the floor and catches Ruca with a lariat. Back to the ring, Lopez hits a knee to Ruca’s head for a two-count. Lopez continues with big blows and a clothesline before putting on a chinlock. Ruca rolls her up for a pin attempt. Ruca hits clotheslines, a dropkick, flying shoulder tackle, and a handspring splash in the corner. Ruca goes to the top but Lopez pulls her to the mat and hits Electric Shock to get the pin.

Winner – Elektra Lopez

India Hartwell attacks Lopez after the match. Some referees quickly get in to break the fight.

Thea Hail is enraged on Charlie Dempsey attacking Andre Chase from behind last week. Duke Hudson also gets pumped up and says he will be in Chase’s corner to support and only support.

Mandy Rose calls Jacy Jayne who is out shopping and is afraid to go to the arena due to Alba Fyre. Rose tells her not to go. A police car pulls Jayne over, but it is actually Alba Fyre who attacks Jayne. Fyre tells Mandy that she is coming for him.

Andre Chase vs Charlie Dempsey

Back and forth match until Dempsey locked-in Kimura lock. Chase refused to give up but Duke Hudson throws in the towel.

Winner – Elektra Lopez

Indi Hartwell is interviewed backstage. She says she now understands how this place works, but Lopez will not make a name on her.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen are in Fallon Henley’s bar when Kiana James walks in with her assistant. James talks to Henley about selling her family bar. Henley’s answer is no. Jensen continues to lust for James. James tries to negotiate and insult but Henley’s decision remains unaffected.

Hunk Walker vs Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

Stacks hits a big punch to start. He unloads in the corner. Walker tosses him over before hitting a belly-to-belly. Stacks fights back but Walker no-sells a shoulder tackle before pushing him over the ropes. Stacks drops his face on the ropes and gets the control of the match. He trips Waller and keeps him on the mat for a while. Walker gets up and hits a clothesline to drop Stacks. He continues with the attack with some big moves. He hits corner splashes before hitting a powerslam. Stacks rakes his eyes and hits a knee curbstomp to get the pin.

Winner – Channing Lorenzo

Grayson Waller Effect with Bron Breakker & Von Wagner

Waller asks Wagner about a comment on social media about Wagner getting a title shot over Carmelo Hayes. Wagner says he is not here to be a fan favorite and is here to be a champion. Stone says Wagner is more powerful and stronger than anyone Breakker has faced. Waller cuts off Breakker for another comment from Twitter which says he is ready to see Breakker lose the title to anyone. Breakker says NXT is all about building for the future, and if one wants to be something in this industry, they have to win this title. Breakker says no one is gonna take the title away from him. Wagner says he will be the one to take that title away. Wagner says he is also a second-generation wrestler, but he did not use that to get his foot in the door. Things get heated up and they face off. Bron Breakker drops Stone and has a face off with Wagner to close the segment.

Axiom vs JD McDonagh

JD hits a tackle to start. They both hit side headlock takedowns before JD puts on a leg scissors. Axiom comes out of it easily. Back-and-forth action continues until Axiom hits a kick. JD puts his shoulder on the mat but Axiom keeps getting it up before 3-count. Axiom hits a sunset flip to get a two-count. He sends JD to the floor with a dropkick.

McDonagh has Axiom down on the floor under control. Axiom kicks him away. Axiom hits quick chops and a dropkick. He hits a springboard moonsault on the floor. Axiom grabs his knees which was apparantly injured during the break. Both men beat the referee’s countdown. McDonagh kicks at Axiom’s knee from behind. Axiom leapfrogs on a chop block, springboards and puts McDonagh in a choke. McDonagh gets to the ropes quickly. McDonagh puts on a Boston Crab now. Axiom reaches the ropes to break it. They trade punches in the middle. McDonagh drops Axiom with a headbutt.

McDonagh goes for a moonsault but Axiom counters by arm triangle. McDonagh slips through but Axiom hits a sunset flip to counter a powerbomb. Axiom hits a penalty kick to get a close two-count. He puts on body triangle for a rear naked choke. McDonagh breaks free and hits a big chop block. McDonagh bends the knee severely and the referee pauses the match. The medical team is called in, but Axiom is refusing to give up. When Axiom could not get up to his feet, the referee stops the match.

Winner – JD McDonagh

Brutus Creed vs Damon Kemp – 5 Minutes Challenge

Brutus attacks Kemp during the entrance. He throws Kemp around and into the barricade before bring him into the ring. The bell rings and Kemp hits corner tackles. Brutus gets the upperhand back and starts to beat up Kemp. He knocks him off the apron and into the barricade. Brutus drops him into the steel steps before slamming his face into the announce table. Kemp gets the control back as they were returning to the ring. Kemp drops Brutus face-first into the mat. Kemp gets a chair in but Brutus punches the chair away. Brutus hits a clothesline on Kemp before hitting him with a senton. Brutus gets hold of the chair and slams it on Kemp’s back. The referee calls for a DQ.

Winner – Damon Kemp(via DQ)

Brutus slams the chair on Kemp’s back one more time after the match. Diamond Mine celebrates in the ring. Sanga and Veer are watching them from the skybox.

We get another video package from T-Bar.

Roxanne Perez catches up with Indi Hartwell and asks she is ok. Indi tells her that no one can be a champion by having soft spots in this business, and that Perez should not be worried about anyone else.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter(c) vs Zoey Stark & Nikkita Lyons – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Stark starts with an arm wringer on Chance. Nikkita tags in to continue with arm wringer. Stark comes back and Chance counters the arm wringer. Chance brings her down with headscissors. Carter comes in for some quick double team. Stark hits Carter with a dropkick and brings in Nikkita. Stark htis a clothesline on Carter. Carter and Nikkita trade a flurry of strikes until Carter catches a kick from Nikkita. Nikkita still manages to bring Carter down. Nikkita picks up Carter. Chance runs in and Stark comes in to pick her up. Stark and Nikkita hit stereo bodyslams. Nikkita gets distracted and Chance kicks out Stark. Carter and Chance work on Nikkita together. Nikkita gets sent to the floor. Carter jumps on her with crossbody, but Nikkita catches her. Chance hits a dropkick on Carter to drop Nikkita. We cut to a break.

Carter comes in against Starks as we return. Carter knocks off Nikkita before hitting a quick strikes on Stark. Stark is sent to the floor with a dropkick. Chance helps Carter to hit a crossbody off the ropes. Chance drops Stark in the ring to get a close two-count. Stark counters with a back suplex. Nikkita gets the tag, knocks off Carter and throws Chance to the corner. Chance goes for a crossbody and Nikkita catches her for a fallaway slam. Stark comes in and hits roundhouse kick to the skull for a near fall. Nikkita blocks Carter during that pin attempt.

Nikkita and Carter go to the floor where Nikkita gets dropped with a running dropkick. Chance comes back with a tornado DDT in the ring. Nikkita and Carter get back to the ring and Nikkita hits a knee strike. All 4 woman are down. Stark was about to catch Nikkita with a clothesline, but she stops in her tracks. Nikkita saves Stark from stereo superkicks but falls to the floor herself. Chance and Carter double team on Stark and hit their finisher to get the pin.

Winner – Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

After the match, both teams show respect. Stark snatches the title and slams Nikkita with it. Chance and Carter escape from the ring. Stark stands over Nikkita to close the show.

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