WWE NXT Deadline 2022 Results & Live Updates- Breakker v Crews

WWE NXT Deadline 2022 Results

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT Deadline 2022 event, which will be WWE’s last Premium Live Event in 2022.

The main event is going to be Bron Breakker’s NXT Championship defense against Apollo Crews. New Day has arrived to NXT to challenge Pretty Deadly for NXT Tag Team Championship. Alba Fyre will take on Isla Dawn in a singles match.

But, the two new Iron Survivor Challenge matches are going to be the more awaited matches. Carmelo Hayes, Axiom, Grayson Waller, Joe Gacy and JD McDonagh are slated to take part in men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match. Roxanne Perez, Cora Jade, Kiana James, Zoey Stark and Indi Hartwell are line-up for the women’s Iron Survivor Challenge match.

Tune in below as we post results live from WWE NXT Deadline 2022 event on December 10, 2022, with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Roxanne Perez defeated Cora Jade, Kiana James, Zoey Stark & Indi Hartwell in Iron Survivor Challenge Match.
  • Isla Dawn defeated Alba Fyre in a singles match via pinfall.
  • New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) defeated Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)(c) in a tag team match via pinfall to win NXT Tag Team Championship.
  • Grayson Waller defeated Carmelo Hayes, Axiom, Joe Gacy & JD McDonagh in Iron Survivor Challenge Match.
  • Bron Breakker(c) defeated Apollo Crews in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT Championship.


McKenzie Mitchell, Pete Rosenberg and Denise Salcedo are on the panel for pre-show. The panel discuss the match card. We cut to Roxanne Perez’s interview where it is revealed that Perez has drawn #1 in the women’s Iron Survivor match.

The main show starts with a video package for the show. Women’s Iron Survivor challenge match is opening the show.

Roxanne Perez vs Cora Jade vs Kiana James vs Zoey Stark vs Indi Hartwell – Iron Survivor Challenge Match

Roxanne Perez and Zoey Stark are starting the match. The crowd chants for Roxanne. Starks starts with a shoulder tackle to get a two-count. She kips up to put on an arm wrench next. Perez uses a bridge to get a two-count. Stark goes back to work her arm. Perez turns it around into a side headlock. Stark throws her to the ropes and they no-sell a shoulder bump. They tussle over shoulder locks. Perez gets multiple two-counts as she goes for the pin. Stark comes with waistlock takedown. She sends Perez into the corner with some hard whips before hitting a suplex to get a two-count. Perez hits an armdrag and transitions it into an armbar.

Kiana James enters the match. She throws Perez to the apron but Stark attacks her from behind. James counters a suplex into a pin attempt. Perez thwarts her attempt to get pinfalls. James takes Perez in a fireman’s carry when Stark hits them with a dropkick. Stark hits a thrust kick on James. Perez counters the dropkick but she gets sent to the apron and hit with enzuigiri. Stark fights off James before going to the floor and working on Perez on the steel steps. James whips her hard on the apron to send her into the ring post.

James puts on a shoulder stretch on Perez. Perez rolls through and hits an upkick to break it. Stark comes in and Perez hits quick moves on both women. Stark cuts her off with a superkick. Stark hits her facebuster finisher to get a pinfall on Perez. Perez is sent to the penalty box.

Cora Jade enters the match. Cora drops James and Stark with quick moves. Perez’s time in Penalty box is complete and she runs in to attack Cora. James tries to intervene but Perez fights her off. She sends both Stark and James into the corner and hits an uppercut. Perez hits a suplex to get a two-count on Stark. Jade comes into the ring to block Pop-Rox from Perez on James and gets the pin on James herself.

Stark hits a missile dropkick to break Perex-Jade staredown. Stark brings Perez down in a crossface. Jade puts on an Indian deathlock on Starks. Perez moves out of the lock and puts a lock on Jade. James re-enters the match and break the submission chain. James slams Perez’s face into the turnbuckle. She hits corner tackles on Stark.

Indi Hartwell enters the match. Indi quickly clears the ring. Perez hits a jawbreaker on Indi before Indi drops Perez on the ropes and hits her finisher to get a pinfall on Perez. Stark slams her face into the mat. Jade comes in and start trading blows and kicks with Stark. Jade throws Stark to the floor. James hits Stark with a moonsault from the barricade. She throws Stark over the barricade. Perez re-enters the match and slams James into the steel steps. Jade breaks Perez’s pinfall attempt on Indi after a crossbody. Jade is thrown to the floor. Perez gets a pin on Stark with an innovative pin attempt.

All four women brawl. Indi hits a suplex on Jade on the floor. Perez slams James’ face into the ring-post. Stark re-enters the match to hit some quick moves. She hits a shoulder tackle on Jade and a roundhouse kick on Indi. James is dropped with a German suplex. Perez drops her with a running uppercut. She hits a suicide dive on Stark on the floor. Jade wipes out a James and Stark with a senton. Stark then dives on everyone on the floor.

All 5 women re-enter the ring. Perez hits Pop-Rox on Jade to get her second pinfall. Other women work quickly to attempt pinfalls. James pushes Indi into Stark to break a pin attempt. Perez takes Indi out to the floor with a hurricanrana. Stark hits a superkick on James. James hits a Spanish Fly on Stark. Jade comes back into the match and tries to get the pin on Stark. Perez gets into the ring with just 10 seconds left on the clock. Perez and Jade go back and forth before Jade hits a DDT. But. Perez rolls to the floor to avoid a pin. Perez wins the match with 2 points.

Winner – Roxanne Perez

Alba Fyre vs Isla Dawn

Fyre ducks a swing and hits body shots. Fyre then no-sells a big shot from Dawn. Fyre tackles Dawn to the mat and hits her with more shots. Dawn sends her back to the ring. Dawn hits a sidekick on Fyre on the ropes. Fyre hits her with a knee and DDT to get a two-count. Fyre puts on a choke and Dawn has to turn it into a pin attempt to break it. Dawn slams her into the corner. Dawn kicks on Fyre in the corner.

Dawn whips her hard into the corner before hitting a backbreaker. She hits an upkick into Fyre’s face. Dawn removes a turnbuckle pad. Fyre counters with a pin attempt. Dawn hits a knee to her face to get a close two-count. Dawn hits a kick to her back now. She puts on an armbar. Fyre breaks it but Dawn works on her leg with some kicks. Dawn goes to the top and hits Meteora to get a near fall.

Fyre sends Dawn to the floor and hits a senton on her. Both women beat the countdown. Fyre and Dawn go back and forth until Fyre drops Dawn face-first into the mat. She hits a tornado DDT to get a two-count. Dawn hits a roundhouse kick and a suplex after blocking Gory bomb. Fyre kicks out of the pin. Dawn goes to the top and Fyre knocks her off to the floor with a kick. Fyre hits a suicide dive on the floor.

Fyre hits Gory bomb on the floor after Dawn tries to hit a suplex. Fyre takes Dawn back to the ring but Dawn manages to kick out of the pin. Fyre goes to the top and hits Swanton Bomb, but the referee is spitting black goo and he is not in good shape to count the pin. Fyre hits a superkick, but still, the referee is down. A new official runs out but Dawn has recovered to kick out of the pin. The new referee removes the original referee from the ring and Dawn sends Fyre into the exposed turnbuckle during this time. Dawn hits a spinner back elbow drop to get the pin.

Winner – Alba Fyre

Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)(c) vs New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) – NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Wilson and Woods start the match. Some shenanigans to start the match. Woods hits some quick moves. Prince runs a distraction to allow Wilson to drop Woods. Prince tags in. Woods skips past him to tag in Kofi. Kofi lands on his feet after a catapult. Kofi drops Prince with quick moves. Wilson tags in and Kofi overwhelms him also. New Day work in tandem for a while.

Pretty Deadly use heel tactics to take control against Kofi. Woods gets a hot tag after a while and goes on to drop both men in quick succession. Prince drops him with a clothesline. Woods and Prince go blow for blow until Prince hits a DDT. Wilson tags in and hits a DDT to get a two-count. Kofi gets in to stop a double team. The referee was distracted as Pretty Deadly tries to use the title belt. All four men play passing the pass with the title belt and they play possum by falling to the mat. All this happens behind the referee’s back.

Pretty Deadly sends Kofi to the floor with a cheap shot while the referee was trying to get rid of the title. Wilson runs Woods over with the other title belt, but Woods kicks out. Kofi stops their finisher and pulls out Wilson to the floor. Kofi hits Wilson with Trouble in Paradise. Woods hits Prince with a roundhouse kick. Kofi tags in for New Day to hit Midnight Hour to get the pin.

Winner – New Day

Carmelo Hayes vs Axiom vs Grayson Waller vs Joe Gacy vs JD McDonagh – Iron Survivor Challenge Match

JD McDonagh is the first entrant in the match. Axiom is number 2. JD tries to attack Axiom while he was posing in the corner. Axiom leaps over him and hits a spinning kick. JD starts to work on his knee. Axiom kicks him out of the ring. JD hits an uppercut from the floor. Axiom slams JD’s face into the ring post when he tries to work his leg. Back-and-forth action between them continues as they continue to slug it out. Axiom hits a step-up enzuigiri. He follows up with another one.

Axiom hits a big clothesline to counter JD again but only gets a two-count. Axiom hits a dropkick in the corner. JD hits blows to the back of his head before breaking free and hitting a big clothesline. JD hits a sit-out powerbomb but could not get a pin.

Carmelo Hayes enters the match. Hayes hits a springboard dive on Axiom before more quick mvoes to drop JD. Axiom sends JD into him and drops him with a kick. Some quick three-way action. JD drops Axiom with an inverted DDT. Hayes drops JD on Axiom and gets the pin on Axiom.

Hayes continues to work on JD while Axiom is put into the penalty box. JD counters to drop Hayes. JD hits a Spanish fly on Hayes. Axiom returns to hit a crossbody on both men. Axiom and Hayes trade shots while takign a shot at JD in between. JD hits a kick on Axiom and a headbutt on Hayes and all three men are down.

Grayson Waller runs in and hits a double cutter on JD and Axoim to earn two points. Hayes and Waller now fight back and forth. Waller ends up hitting Hayes with a Stunner on the apron. Axiom and JD’s penalty time is over but Axiom closes the cage door and starts beating up JD. Waller slams the door on his face when Axiom was walking out. Hayes hits Waller with a superkick on the floor. Hayes drops Axiom in the ring but he kicks out of the pin.

Waller pulls Hayes to the floor and drops him. Waller gets into the ring and Axiom puts him in an inside cradle to get the pin. Axiom hits JD with a Frankestiener and a superkick to get the pin on him.

Joe Gacy enters the match. Gacy hits a big clothesline on Axiom before putting him Labell lock to get the submission. Waller and JD get out of the penalty box. JD attacks Axiom in the cage now. Gacy hits Hayes with a big springboard lariat to get a pin. Gacy hits a suicide dive on Waller and JD. JD tries to block Axiom from coming out of the cage but Axiom climbs out of the cage and dives on the other three men.

Hayes gets out of the penalty box. He hits a DDT on Waller and quickly puts him in a crossface to get a submission. Gacy trips Hayes and sends him into the barricade. Axiom puts Gacy in a submission. Hayes breaks it. JD pulls Axiom off the apron and drops him on the floor. JD hits a suplex on Gacy. JD hits more quick moves but everyone gets involved to break his pin attempt.

JD stomps on everyone in different corners. All 4 men hit JD with 4-way superkick. Gacy drops Waller on the steel steps with an Urinage. He hits Hayes with a sit-out powerbomb and puts on Labell Lock. JD breaks it but Gacy puts JD in Labell lock now. Axiom breaks the lock and Gacy puts Axiom in Labell lock now. JD and Hayes break the lock with superkick.

Some quick action sees everyone getting cleared from the ring. Hayes hits a leg drop on Axiom but Waller pulls Hayes out of the ring and pins Axiom himself. Just 30 seconds are left on the clock. Hayes tries to get a pin on others but Waller pulls everyone out of the ring. Hayes chases Waller but he keeps running until the time runs out.

Winner – Grayson Waller

Bron Breakker(c) vs Apollo Crews – NXT Championship

They lock up and come to a stalemate when neither of them moves. They lock up again and Apollo resorts to a monkey flip. Bron also hits a monkey flip in reply while they still have their hands lock up. Apollo takes Bron down in a side headlock takeover.

Back-and-forth action between them. Apollo hits a standing moonsault. Bron hits a suplex. He hits a suicide dive on the floor. Apollo catches Bron with a knee strike as he was jumping from the top. His demeanour changes and he unloads with ground and pound. Crews continues to keep up with the attack. He hits a frog splash to get a near fall. Frustration is mounting up for Crews now.

Bron makes a comeback with his signature moves. He hits a leg drop from the top to get a near fall. Crews goes for an Urignage but Breakker hits a chokeslam for a near fall. Breakker removes his slings. Crews hits a powerslam to get a near fall. They face-off in the middle again and start to trade shots. Breakker hits a spear to get the pin.

Winner – Bron Breakker

Breakker gets his title and celebrates. Grayson Waller runs in and catches him with a stunner. The show goes off the air with Waller standing tall.

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