WWE brought in Hollywood and others for Bray Wyatt’s almost scrapped Firefly Fun House

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Bray Wyatt returned to WWE TV this week with his new gimmick as the children show segment Firefly Fun House. WWE Universe has instantly lapped up the new maniacal character and is waiting for more. Also, the feel of the segment was very different from anything seen in WWE TV programming so far and there was a significant reason for it.

Brad Shepard reported on ‘Oh, You Didn’t Know’ that WWE brought in some big names from Hollywood to assist in that segment. Also, the Undertaker and Triple H put in their pointers.

“I’m actually told they’ve already created some crazy segments with input from Jason Jordan, Triple H, and even The Undertaker. Jason Baker who does special effects and has worked on Jack Reacher and some other things, he helped direct the vignettes with Bray and he built the puppets.”

But even after a good reaction from fans, Shepard also reported that WWE was on the verge of pulling the plug on the gimmick on Tuesday morning due to concerns from the sponsers.

“I was told that WWE considered dropping the gimmick altogether after feedback on Tuesday morning from bigwig shareholders and sponsors voicing their opinion on it. Apparently, they didn’t like the whole cult leader of children vibe.”

Bray Wyatt also hinted a similar thing when he posted a cryptic tweet yesterday. But as the vignette again appeared on SmackDown last night, WWE may have decided to go ahead with it anyway.

WWE were also planning to reintroduce the Wyatt Family with new members if they had decided not to go ahead with the new gimmick. Nikki Cross and Lars Sullivan would have been added with Wyatt as the Peppy the Witch and Mercy the Buzzard.

“Interestingly enough just in case it was scrapped a very initial idea was thrown around which included putting Nikki Cross and Lars Sullivan with Bray as the New Wyatt Family.”

More of such videos are expected to come out from Wyatt in coming weeks but when exactly is he going to appear in the ring is not clear at this point.