Undertaker Helps Aleister Black Defeat AJ Styles AT EC 2020

Undertaker Elimination Chamber 2020
Undertaker Helps Aleister Black Defeat AJ Styles AT Elimination Chamber 2020

The Undertaker came to help Aleister Black to defeat AJ Styles in his No Disqualification Match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 PPV show.

Aleister Black was struggling with an injury on his knee/leg and kept selling the injury throughout the match. Both men used the no-DQ stipulation to good use by using kendo sticks, chairs, tables, etc.

Styles tried to superplex Black through the announce table but Black countered and sent Styles through the table with double knees. Looking to finish the match, Black took Styles back to the ring for Black Mass. But Gallows and Anderson hit the ring and hit the magic killer on Black.

The OC were holding Black for the phenomenal forearm by Styles, the lights went off and the Undertaker appeared in the ring. He hit Gallows and Anderson with double chokeslams and then also chokeslammed Styles. After Taker disappeared, Aleister Black hit the Black Mass on Styles and got the pin.

Black and AJ Styles’ storyline started two weeks back when The OC attacked Black. On last episode of RAW, Black defeated Gallows and then Anderson in back to back matches. Styles then defeated a tired off Black, giving first singles defeat to Black on WWE RAW.

The Undertaker and AJ Styles are moving forward towards a match at WrestleMania 36. Earlier, Undertaker made a surprise appearance at Super Showdown and won the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy.

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