NXT Takeover New York 2019: Shayna Baszler retains NXT Women’s Championship

Shayna Baszler retained the NXT Women's Champion, shayna-baszler won falat 4- way match, Shayna Baszler  won in nxt takeover new york 2019
Shayna Baszler retained the NXT Women’s Champion

Shayna Bazler has retained the NXT Women’s Championship after she forced Bianca Beliar to tap out of Kirifuda Clutch in a Fatal 4-Way Match which also included Io Shirai and Kairi Sane at NXT Takeover: New York on 5 April 2019.


After Shayna Baszler retained her title against Bianca Beliar at NXT Takeover: Pheonix, a no. 1 contender match was booked between Io Shirai and Bianca Beliar. During the match, Shayna Baszler, who came at odds with the whole Women’s locker room, attacked them to cause a disqualification. Kairi Sane came out to make the save on Shirai and Beliar. Next week, another no. 1 contenders match was held between Sane, Beliar and Shirai but again Baszler attacked to cause another disqualification. After the brawl, Baszler announced that she will face all three women at Takeover: New York.

Match Description

Kiari Sane enters first followed by the braid slinging Bianca Beliar. Beliar is donning a special ring gear where all her offensive moves are printed. Io Shirai enters next. She has some issues removing her mask but finally removes it and heads to the ring showing it. Shayna Baszler is flanked by Jesseman Duke and Marina Shafir backstage but she enters to the arena alone.

Shayna goes for Shirai and Beliar sends out Kairi. Shayna and Beliar go for it, Belair runs her over with a shoulder for a two count that Io breaks up with a double knee. Shayna covers Shirai and Sane breaks it up with a blockbuster. Belair knocks Sane down with a running shoulder. Shirai and Sane team up to take Bianca down with a double dropkick. They also dropkicks Shayna out of the ring. Sane and Shirai lock up and trade takedowns and counters. Belair and Baszler yank them out of the ring so they can fight each other. Baszler hits the twisted arm stomp on Belair but Belair connects the dropkick to send Baszler out. She then sends Baszler face-first into the ring post to get a nearfall. Kairi with Kabuki elbow on Belair. She then avoids the dropkick and hits the knee to the back.

Io gets caught by Belair and thrown with a fallaway slam. Shayna breaks up the pin at the last moment. Io goes for the crossbody off the top, Beliar catches her, she fends off Kairi and plants Io in the middle of the ring. Baszler comes in and takes control. She goes for the Kirafuda clutch at the top. Kairi and Io hit the four-woman tower of doom on Baszler and Belair. Sane then hits the insane elbow on the two Americans and Io hits the moonsault on them. Belair hits the interceptor on Io and Kairi breaks the pin. Shirai hits a nasty German suplex on Baszler. Sane and Shirai team up to go after Belair, but Shayna pulls Kairi out of the ring. Bianca presses Shirai above her head and throws her onto all three other women.

Baszler has Belair in the Kirifuda clutch when Belair overpowers her to hit KOD. Io comes in and sends Belair out of the ring. EST and the X-factor from Io. Io then connects a moonsault on Baszler but Kairi breaks the pin. Sane and Shirai start fighting and Kairo slams Io on top of Baszler. Sane then hits an elbow drop off the top on Baszler. Io breaks the pin this time. Kairi and Io go onto each other which ends with Kairi hitting a dropkick on Io. Sane goes to the top but Belair hits her with the hair whip. Belair grabs both Sky Pirates and hits them with the KOF at the same time. Baszler comes in and kicks Belair before locking her in the Kirifuda Clutch. Bianca fights for a long time before being forced to tap out as Shayna Bazler retains the title.

Winner- Shayna Baszler with a submission from Bianca Beliar.

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