WrestleMania 35: Shane McMahon Gets Accidental Win Against Miz

At WrestleMania 35, Shane McMahon got a win over the Miz with an accidental win in the Falls Count Anywhere match. Both men were left unconscious after the Miz hit a superplex from the top of the 20 feet tall Camera Platform. However, Shane landed on top of Miz and the referee counted to three to give Shane a very opportunistic win. This is Shane McMahon’s first win at WrestleMania in 18 years.

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Shane Mcmahon pinned the Miz Wrestlemania 35

Match Description

Shane McMahon makes his entry but he is unhappy with the announcer. He asks him to announce him again while he is on the ramp. He is announced again but is not happy still. He is announced for the third time with a longer groove and he is happy now. The Miz enters next. He meets his dad who is in the front row. As the match starts, Shane takes a shot and runs out of the ring. He does that a few more times. He then grabs Miz’s Dad to make him angry.

Miz keeps chasing him until Shane suckers him into an attack. McMahon takes control and hits a flurry of jabs to the body and head. He sends Miz into the ring post. Shane follows him outside and uses a monitor to smash him in the head. Shane clears the announce table and was going for the Shooting star press off the top when Miz’s Dad intervenes. Shane stops midway and asks him to come into the ring. Shane passes some time with him before attacking.

The Miz comes back to the save. He takes down Shane with some punches before sending him through the barricade and into the crowd. Miz checked on his dad before resuming the match. He unloads on Shane and they go further into the crowd. Shane crashes Miz into the LED pillars before hitting a DDT on the concrete base. Miz kicks Shane and sends him into the barricade.

Miz then takes the chair and hits some stiff shots on the back. He takes Shane towards the international commentary tables. He keeps unloading on him before sending him through the table to get two counts. Miz grabs a LED screen to hit it to Shane to send him 8 feet below to the concrete floor. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale to get a nearfall. Shane comes back with a kick. He climbs to the top of Camera podium and Miz follow him.

They are at least 20 feet up, so Shane apologizes to Miz and asks him to spare him. Miz hits him a superplex which took both of them to the platform. Shane is on top and the referee counts to three. Shane McMahon wins the match but both of them are unconscious.

Winner- Shane McMahon with a pinfall

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