Seth Rollins Returns With Old Theme, Starts A New Feud

Seth Rollins returned to WWE SmackDown this week and tried to continue with his role as SmackDown’s Saviour.

Seth Rollins attacks Cesaro on SmackDown

Rollins was away from WWE since Survivor Series 2020. He was out of action due to the birth of his daughter with Becky Lynch. Rollins returned at during the men’s Royal Rumble and entered at number 29. He survived until the last three participants before being eliminated by the eventual winner Edge.

Rollins made his return to SmackDown this Friday to his old “Burn It Down” theme and was also referred with his old nickname of The Architect. However, Rollins continued to behave like his recent gimmick of the SmackDown’s Saviour.

The whole SmackDown Locker Room was paraded out to the ringside for his Rollins’ first address on his return. The Architect mentioned that being a father has changed his percpective and he wonders where he fits in this locker room of all talented individuals.

Rollins then said he is the great leader that SmackDown needs to push it into the future and make it greater than it already is. Rollins continued to talk in the same line when all the stars surrounding the ring started to leave to the back.

As his promo came to an end, only Cesaro was left at the ringside. Cesaro also looked skeptical at Rollins and started to leave. An infuriated Rollins then attacked Cesaro on the ramp which continued until the referees and Daniel Bryan intervened.

The move indicates that Rollins will feud with Cesaro in the coming days. However, Cesaro is set to feature in #1 Contender Elimination Chamber match for Universal Championship next.

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