SmackDown Preview- 23 April 2019: Roman Reigns Fate!

SmackDown will be live next week on 23 April 2019 from Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln. Here are the advertised segments from WWE along with our preview.

Will Roman Reigns be fired this Tuesday on SmackDown LIVE?

Roman Reigns SmackDown 23 April 2019, Roman Reigns,

Roman Reigns was drafted to SmackDown last week during the Superstar Shakeup and on his first night at the show, he decked Vince McMahon. Will there be repercussions for Reigns due to his action? Does WWE want to again turn to Authority vs Star storyline? Looks like it.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to battle Shinsuke Nakamura

With Xavier Woods and the newest member of the New Day Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston will face Shinsuke Nakamura in a non-title match. Will the partnership between the New Day and Kevin Owens get better or will we get an early heel turn from Owens?

Becky Lynch to come face-to-face with Charlotte Flair for the first time since WrestleMania

Last week, Charlotte Flair beat Carmella in her first match after WrestleMania while Becky is awaiting her challenger for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. They will come face to face this week at SmackDown and it will be interesting to see if WWE will still continue with their storyline since they are already going after each other for almost a year now.

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